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Ottawa Transitway station
Location Marketplace Ave, Barrhaven
Ottawa, Ontario
Coordinates 45°16′11″N 75°44′34″W / 45.26972°N 75.74278°W / 45.26972; -75.74278Coordinates: 45°16′11″N 75°44′34″W / 45.26972°N 75.74278°W / 45.26972; -75.74278
Owned by OC Transpo
Opened April 17, 2011
Preceding station   OC Transpo   Following station
Route 95
toward Trim
toward Lebreton
Route 99
New services
toward Cambrian
Route 75
Route 99
toward Hurdman

Marketplace is a Southwest Transitway station in the Barrhaven neighbourhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.[1] The station is located at the Riocan Marketplace shopping centre, an extensive commercial zone which contains big-box stores and department stores.

A temporary bus terminal[2] served the neighbourhood. This street facility was replaced on 17 April 2011 by the permanent transitway station and a new southerly terminus at Barrhaven Centre station which became the main connection point for local bus routes.[3]

Route 177 travels north via the Transitway towards Fallowfield Station during AM peak, and provides residents in Cambrian with improved connections. These trips do not serve Longfields Drive between Jockvale Road and Marketplace Avenue, or Marketplace Avenue between Longfields Drive and the Transitway, and instead travel via Jockvale Road northbound directly to Barrhaven Centre station.

Starting 19 July 2014, route 99 has selected trips extended to/from Barrhaven Centre Station via Nepean Woods Station, Beatrice Station, and the Vimy Memorial Bridge, providing a connection to Riverside South and Greenboro Station.[4]


The following routes currently serve Marketplace Station:

Marketplace Station Service
Rapid Routes 95 99
Frequent Routes 80
Local Routes 170 171 173 175 176
Shopper's Routes 305
Event Routes 406 456

Public art[edit]

Artist Cheryl Pagurek was chosen as the winner of a competition to provide public art in Marketplace Corridor.[5] Her artwork, titled, Currents, features video imagery of the Jock River on a large screen. The images in the video present a link between a nearby body of water in an area of urban development.

The images used in Currents are sourced from various collections, including the City of Ottawa Archives, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, the Goulbourn Museum, the Nepean Museum, and private collections. Currents can also be viewed through a mobile device as you commute.


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