Markha River (India)

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Markha River
The 6,400-metre-high (21,000 ft) Kang Yatze from Markha valley

The Markha River is a river in Ladakh, India. It is a tributary of the Zanskar River and starts at the junction of the Langtang Chu and Nimaling Chu. Villages along the river valley include Skiu (Skyu), Markha, Umlung and Hangkar (Hankar).[1] The Markha River lies within the Hemis National Park.[2]

The Markha Valley is one of the most popular trekking routes in Ladakh,[3] accessible from Ganda La pass near Spituk in the west, which is usually the beginning point of the trek,[4] and Gongmaru La pass near Hemis,[5] where the trek usually ends.[4] Villages on the route of Markha valley trek are Rumbak, Shingo, Skyu, Sara, Markha and Hankar.

Towards the head of the valley you can find the Kang Yatze, a 6,400-metre-high (21,000 ft) mountain. The Markha River also passes to the south of the Stok range which includes the 6,153-metre-high (20,187 ft) Stok Kangri mountain.[1]

Nomadic families herd their yaks in this valley. Many small monasteries exist, of which Techa gompa[6] is the most important Buddhist monastery in the Markha valley.


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