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The Markham Economist & Sun is a local newspaper published once per week (Thursday) [1] serving the city of Markham, Ontario, Canada. The Economist & Sun is one of several York Region Media Group newspapers, a division of Metroland Media Group.[2]


The Economist & Sun is a local newspaper: it covers local news and sports, and carried real estate and classified advertising.[3]


In 1856, David Reesor founded the Markham Economist. Reesor sold the paper to his brother-in-law Henry Ryan Corson, who became the paper's second publisher in 1860.[4]

The Economist's rival was the Markham Sun. The Sun was founded (or taken over) by George James Chauncey (1849-1895)[5] in 1881 and became the rival to Reesor's paper. The Sun was bought by the Economist in 1915, creating the Economist & Sun. Corson's son Robert J. Corson was publisher of the new paper until his death in 1930.[4] Metroland Media Group now owns the company.[2]


  • Publisher: Ian Proudfoot
  • Editor: Bernie O'Neill
  • Retail Advertising Manager: Anne Beswick
  • Director of Advertising and Distribution:
  • Business Manager: Rob Lazurko[6]

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