Markham Heights

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Markham Heights
Markham Heights is located in Tasmania
Markham Heights
Markham Heights
Location in Tasmania
Highest point
Elevation1,542 m (5,059 ft)AHD[1]
Prominence52 m (171 ft)[1]
Parent peakLegges Tor
Isolation2.13 km (1.32 mi)[1]
ListingHighest mountains of Tasmania
Coordinates41°31′S 147°39′E / 41.51°S 147.65°E / -41.51; 147.65Coordinates: 41°31′S 147°39′E / 41.51°S 147.65°E / -41.51; 147.65
EtymologySir Albert Markham
LocationTasmania, Australia
Parent rangeBen Lomond

Markham Heights is a mountain peak that forms part of the Ben Lomond Range, in the northeast of Tasmania, Australia.[2]

Markham Heights is located 1,542 metres (5,059 ft) above sea level,[1][3] and is the seventh highest peak in Tasmania.

It is named for Sir Albert Markham, an Arctic explorer.[4]

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