Markham River

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The Markham in its entirety, looking due West from near its source
New guinea markham.PNG
Location of the Markham River
CountryPapua New Guinea
Physical characteristics
 • locationFinisterre Range, Papua New Guinea
 • coordinates6°6′30″S 146°11′30″E / 6.10833°S 146.19167°E / -6.10833; 146.19167
 • elevation475 m (1,558 ft)
 • location
Huon Gulf, Papua New Guinea
 • coordinates
6°44′20″S 146°58′5″E / 6.73889°S 146.96806°E / -6.73889; 146.96806Coordinates: 6°44′20″S 146°58′5″E / 6.73889°S 146.96806°E / -6.73889; 146.96806
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length180 km (110 mi)approx.
Basin size12,766 km2 (4,929 sq mi)
 • average1,260 m3/s (44,000 cu ft/s)
 • maximum4,000 m3/s (140,000 cu ft/s)

The Markham River is a river in eastern Papua New Guinea. It originates in the Finisterre Range and flows for 180 km (110 mi) to empty into the Huon Gulf at Lae.

The river was named in 1873 by Captain John Moresby, R.N., in honour of Sir Clements Markham, then Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society.[1] A single-lane steel bridge, 1690 feet long – by far the longest bridge built in Papua until that time – was opened in January 1955.[2]


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