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Marko Hranilović was the secretary of the separatist Croatian Rights Youth (Croatian: Hrvatska pravaška omladina, HPO) in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He is most famous for being part of an alleged show trial against several Croatian nationalists in 1931.

Hranilović was implicated in the trial after the arrest of Stjepan Javor on October 31, 1929. Javor was the head of the HPO, and through his torture Yugoslav authorities were able to implicate several others. The HPO was accused of being a terrorist organization, while Hranilović was accused of the murder of journalist Toni Schlegel.

During the course of the trial, the HPO was accused of associating with the nationalist exiles Ante Pavelić and Gustav Perčec. Hranilović vehemently denied any contact with these figures, and proved to be one of the most combative in court. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. He sparred with the court several times, including one instance where he called himself a "citizen of imprisoned Croatia".

Vladko Maček and Mile Budak, two prominent Croatian figures, served as attorneys for the defence. Maček, as leader of the Croatian Peasant Party, was essentially the leader of the Croats within the kingdom at this time.

Despite the defence's best efforts, Hranilović was sentenced to death. He was hanged along with Matija Soldin on September 25, 1931. His closing statement to the court read:

"I do not recognize before this court the actions for which I'm accused, since I didn't commit them, and even had I committed them, I would have been right to do so for my Croatia and for her liberation. The struggle for the liberation of Croatia which the national representatives conduct abroad, seeks victims, and if I am to be one I gladly contribute my martyrdom to her, for my people, because I sprang from them and nothing is too hard for me, and I am ready for all sufferings and humiliations."