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Marko Lopušina (Марко Лопушина) (born 1951) is a Serbian journalist and publicist, known for writing a number of books on Serbian diaspora and secret services and their role in contemporary Serbian politics.


Lopušina was born in Raška, Yugoslavia, present day Serbia. He finished primary school and secondary school in Brus and the Faculty of Politics in the University of Belgrade. He worked for the Newspaper Secondary raw materials as a journalist and editor, for the paper Hello (Zdravo) as a journalist, for the magazine Interview since 1981 as a journalist and editor, and since 1997 as the editor-in-chief. Then he became the editor of the magazine Profile. Today he is the Belgrade reporter of the newspaper Nedeljni telegraf.

He has been a contributor to many newspapers, including Politika, Ilustrovana Politika, Revija 92, TV Novosti, Dnevnik, Jedinstvo, TV Politika, Arena, Start, Penthouse from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pristina and Zagreb.

The dominant subjects of most of his books concern the excessive amount of censorship in Yugoslavian Politics, the hidden agenda of the Serbian secret services, and the infiltration of foreign agencies such as CIA, MI6, KGB. These issues all made it so hard to have a proper relationship with a state that was under constant siege. Despite these problems, Lopusina developed significant popularity during the turbulent Balkans of the 1990s, and continues to be widely read in Serbia nowadays.

Published works[edit]

  • "The mysterious Yugoslav murderers”(1987)(1997),
  • “The black book of censures in Yugoslavia 1945-91”,(1991),
  • “All Serbs of the World”(1994),
  • “Kill your neighbour 1” (1996)(1997),
  • ”Kill your neighbor 2” (1997),
  • ”Kill your neighbor 3”(1998),
  • ”CIA against Yugoslavia”(1997),
  • “All Serbs of the world –guide through Diaspora” (1998.),
  • “World secret services”,
  • "World mafias",
  • “ The richest Serbs in the world”,
  • “The KLA against Yugoslavia”,
  • “The Balkan death- Albanian drug mafia”,
  • “Nikola Kavaja- the last Serbian commandos “(1999), and 2000.
  • "Secret the serbs police",
  • "KGB against Yugoslavia”,
  • "Serbs in USA",
  • "The hunting Miloshevic",
  • "Komandant Arkan", and 2001.
  • "Who is who in Yu-mafija",
  • "Radovan Karadzic",
  • “Serbian mafia”
  • , “Montenergros clan”,
  • “FBI and Serbs”
  • “Killing to Mr. Djindjic”,
  • “Albanian mafia”,
  • “Zemun mafia”,
  • “Balcanian mafia”,
  • “KOS”,
  • “Serbian secret service”,
  • “Hanting the Ratko Mladic”...
  • “History of Serbian diaspora”


  • 2004: Laza Kostić Award for journalism, International Festival of Reportage (INTERFER)
  • Listed in Who's Who in Serbia

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