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Marko Parezanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Марко Парезановић; born May 11, 1986) is a politician in Serbia. He has served in the National Assembly of Serbia since 2016 as a member of the Serbian Progressive Party.

Private career[edit]

Parezanović is a graduate of the University of Kragujevac Faculty of Technical Sciences.[1] Based in Čačak, he is a professor of technology and computer science.[2]

Political career[edit]

Parezanović was a founding member of the Progressive Party in 2008 and has been a prominent party official in Čačak.[3] He received the sixty-eighth position on the party's Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia Is Winning electoral list in the 2016 parliamentary election and was elected when the list won a majority victory with 131 out of 250 mandates.[4] He is currently a member of the assembly committee on education, science, technology development, and the information society; a deputy member of the committee on the judiciary, public administration, and local self-government; a deputy member of Serbia's delegation to the South-East European Cooperation Process Parliamentary Assembly; the head of Serbia's parliamentary friendship group with Belgium; and a member of the parliamentary friendship groups with Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.[5]


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