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Marko Tomasović
Born (1976-05-18) 18 May 1976 (age 40)
Zagreb, Croatia
Origin Zagreb, Croatia
Genres Pop
Pop rock
World music
Occupation(s) composer
Instruments piano
Years active 1999–present

Marko Tomasović (born 18 May 1976) is a Croatian composer and songwriter. He was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where he has been living all of his life. So far he composed more than 300 songs for some of the best Croatian singers, such as Zdenka Kovačiček, Tereza Kesovija, Oliver Dragojević, Emilija Kokić, Jasna Zlokić, Tomislav Bralić, Danijela Martinović, Alen Vitasović, Emina Arapović, Ibrica Jusić, Lidija Bačić, Maja Šuput, Alen Nižetić, Marina Tomašević... He discovered many young talents and wrote three Band-aid songs. His work has covered various genres.

Marko is full member of Croatian Composers' Society,[1] and according to them he was listed as one of the 10 most performed authors in Croatia in 2004 (The list was published in alphabetical order).

Musical career and personal life[edit]

Early life and career[edit]

He grew up listening to his idols Roxette, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Scorpions and Cher. Critics say that even today you can hear their influence in Marko's songs, while he cherishes power pop-rock style.

In 1994 Ladislav Račić first gave him a chance to teach music on Rock Academia in Zagreb. Two years later he had additional training with Professor Vanja Lisak.

Lisak recommended Marko to his colleague Zdenka Kovačiček and shortly after that they initiate collaboration.

He worked on three Zdenka’s CDs, on about 40 songs. Together they won Zagrebfest in 2000 and his favourite award to Zdenka's interpretation on Zadarfest 2001 for song “Možda ni ne osjećam kraj” (Maybe I don’t fell it is end). Audience best attached with song “Žena za sva vremena” (I’m a woman) and it became hymn of all women.

Zdenka Kovačiček - I'm a Woman

Marko points out song “To nisam bila ja” (That was not me) which reminds him the most of his musical idols. For vocal performance for the album "Ja živim svoj san" (I am living my dream) on which all music (12 songs) is written by Marko, with production and arrangements of Duško Mandić, Zdenka wins the highest Croatian award - PORIN for the best singer in Croatia in 2001.[2]

Another key figure in Marko’s career was an entertainment manager Boris Šuput. He discovered a talent for writing commercial songs (“pop songs”) in Marko. 6 years old collaboration resulted with hits “Uzmi me”, “Hello”, “Baby”, “Ljubila sam kao mala”, “Jedna noć” and others, all performed by Šuput’s daughter Maja and group called Enjoy. Šuput sent young and anonymous Marko to many singers from Croatian and Slovenian music scene.

First major opportunity was given by Marina Tomašević with the song “Ja sam tvoja žena” on Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest (Dora) in 1999. Later, whole Marina’s album was named after that successful song.

With the help of Vladimir Mihaljek - Miha, on Croatian Radio Festival in 2001, he was present with 13 different songs. That experience earned him a nomination for Guinness.

Working with...[edit]

With Danijela Martinović after winning the prize on Croatian Radio Festival in 2008

Jasna Zlokić – composer and executive producer on 3 her albums; including songs „Zime, ljeta, jeseni“ (Winters, summers, autumns), „Putevima vjetra“ (Wind's way), „Soba 210“ (Room 210) and others.

Ibrica Jusić – songs for Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Ivana RadovnikovićDora 2007, songs „Samo probaj“ (Dare to love me), which is loved by teenagers, and "Cafe".

Claudia Beni – he discovered her talent as she was 14 years old on her live-performance with group „Teens“; Marko wrote her first songs and with song „Tako hrabar da me ostaviš“ (So brave so you can leave me) she won Debut Award in 2001. Two years after she wins Dora with song „Više nisam tvoja“ by Andrej Babić

Vanda Winter – they met in 1998 in Rock Academia, while Vanda was only 14 years old; Marko connected her with Marina Tomašević, and soon she was rising star. Marko wrote song „Ni srcu ne dam te ja“ (I don't let you near my heart) and „Nema te“ (You're not here)

Emilija Kokić - I'll Never Fall In Love Again

Emilija Kokić – they started to work together in 2002.[3] Since then, they wrote many broadcast songs, not just for Emilija, but also for other performers. After Emilija’s show on 50th anniversary of Eurosong contest in Copenhagen, Marko’s and Emilija’s songs appeared on top-lists all over the world: in Netherlands, Sweden, German, Denmark, Italia, England, Scotland, Greece… Emilija’s single “I’ll never fall in love again” was number 1 on Aruba’s Top 20 in November 2006 for three weeks, ahead of Shakira and Marc Anthony. Later, that news was announced on all major web portals with worldwide music charts.[4]

Angels - they had success as debut performance on Dora with song "Party djevojka" (Party girl), group members were only 16

Emina Arapović – in 2007 they started working together with song „Vučica“ (She-wolf); song gained success and got Emina a contract with Austrian label „Room 66“; They released album „Cura od akcije“ (Girl of Action) on which Marko composed 8 songs[5]

Lidija Bačić – at the end of 2008 Marko starts working with Lidija, whom he met in 2001 on Dora; after she was runner-up for Croatian Idol, Lidija became triple winner on Zagrebfest in 2008; together they received more than 17 awards on all kinds of festivals in Croatia and abroad[6]

He worked with some foreign singers like Simona Weiss and Maja Tatić. Encouraged by successes, Marko has given his chance to many young artists. That way, Jelena Stipković, Vedrana Vukojević, Tanja Marić and Ana Vargek achieved performances on prominent Croatian festivals with Marko’s compositions (Splitski festival, Zadarfest, Zlatne žice Slavonije, Darfest).


While he was serving civil service in Home for children in Zagreb (known as „Nazorova“), he dedicated to do humanitarian activities. He wrote songs „Još ima dobrih ljudi“ (There are still good people) and „Samo se srcem dobro vidi“ (Only with heart you see good) on which participated all Croatian singers: ENI, Vanna, Tony Cetinski, Vesna Pisarović, Aki Rahimovski ("Parni Valjak"), Mladen Bodalec ("Prljavo Kazalište"), Massimo, Gabi Novak, Tereza Kesovija, Kićo Slabinac, Jacques Houdek, Ivana Kindl, Tina i Nikša, Ivana Brkić, Ivana Banfić, Vladimir Kočiš-Zec, etc...


For his achievements he always referrers to contribution of his arrangers and lyricists. He also mentions and big part of other associates: sound technicians, back up vocals and other musicians. He works the most with Duško Mandić, Aleksandar Valenčić, Željko Pavičić and Robert Pilepić. Especially is proud that most of his „guitar work“ has been done by Croatian rock musicians Vedran Božić and Damir Lipošek-Kex.

Personal life[edit]

Marko finished elementary school and music school in Zagreb, and enrolled in XV. Gymnasium in Zagreb, known as MIOC. During his high school, he had had a band and he was captain of school's basketball team.

He skipped one class (in elementary school) so he graduated at the top of his class at the young age of 16.

First, he studied Chemistry on Faculty of Science at University in Zagreb, but after two years, his love for Croatian and literature was stronger. Eventually he finished Croatology on Croatian studies.

His father, Mirko, who is member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, influenced Marko's profession. Later, Marko was a Croatian teacher in few Zagreb schools.


To Marko[edit]

2000 Grand Prix Zagrebfest

2006 Grand Prix Zagrebfest

2009 Grand Prix Zagrebfest

To Marko's songs[edit]

1999 Zadarfest 1st Debut Award (Sanella "Da li stvarno je kraj")

2000 Zadarfest 1st Debut Award (Josip Katalenić "Naivan i mlad")

2000 Zagrebfest 1st Audience Award ( Zdenka Kovačiček "Vrati se u moje dane")

2000 WSF 1st Award (Marina Tomašević "Moj život si bio")

2001 Zl.ž.Slavonije Požega 1st Award (Maja Šuput i Enjoy "Jer mi tebe nema")

2001 Splitski festival 1st Debut Award (Claudia Beni "Tako hrabar da me ostaviš")

2001 Zadarfest Best Interpretation Award (Zdenka Kovačiček "Možda ni ne osjećam kraj")

2002 Banja Luka 1st Audience Award (Emilija Kokić i Boris Režak "Jesmo li jedno drugom suđeni")

2002 Knin 1st Prize of Jury ( Zdenka Kovačiček "Još nosim tvoje dodire")

2002 Knin 1st Prize of Radio Stations (Zdenka Kovačiček "Još nosim tvoje dodire")

2002 Knin 2nd Audience Award ( Zdenka Kovačiček "Još nosim tvoje dodire")

2002 Marco Polo fest, Korčula 3rd Audience Award (Teens "Daj još ovu noć")

2002 Zl.ž.Slavonije, Požega 3rd Award( Emilija Kokić "Santa ledena")

2002 Zl.ž.Slavonije, Požega 2nd Award( Maja Šuput i Enjoy "Jedna noć")

2002 Spring hit song, Zadar 1st Prize of Radio Stations (Zdenka Kovačiček "Odavno shvatila sam sve" )

2002 Summer hit song, Čakovec 1st Award (Emilija Kokić "Santa ledena")

2002 Banja Luka, 2nd Prize of Jury ( Maja Tatić "Još te osjećam")

2002 Splitski festival 1st Stage Performance Award (Teens "Generacija")

2002 Porin for the best Croatian singer of the year 2001 for Zdenka Kovačiček

2003 Knin 1st Prize of Jury (Emilija Kokić "Oprosti ako smetam")

2003 HRvatski radijski festival za mlade "Oni dolaze" 1st Award (Tihana Sabati "Gledam te")

2003 Melodije Mostara Best Interpretation Award (Zdenka Kovačiček "Dovoljno je da me voliš")

2003 Krapina, Krijesnica 2nd Prize of Radio Stations( Boris Babarović "Došlo mojih 5 minuta")

2004 Mef Čakovec 1st Prize of Jury (Azzurro "Nek potraje" )

2004 Knin 1st Prize of Jury (Emilija Kokić i klapa Nostalgija "Duše s mora" )

2004 Požega 2nd Award ( Maja Šuput i Enjoy "Lagana" )

2004 Knin, 3rd Prize of Jury (Daniel Beni "Gradovi od sna")

2004 Zl.ž.Slavonije,Požega 3rd Award( Emilija Kokić "Halo")

2005 Melodije Istre i Kvarnera Best Interpretation Award (Sabrina Hebiri "Dragi Bog zna")

2006 Zl.ž.Slavonije,Požega 3rd Award(Jasna Zlokić "Tamo gdje dišeš")

2006 Zagrebfest 1st Prize of Jury (Marko Tomasović "Svako jutro još po tebi miriše")

2007 Pjesmom do srca 3rd Prize of Radio Stations (Juraj Galina "Pjesma narodna")

2008 ZadarTeenfest 1st Award (Tatjana Banđen "Bit ću sa tobom")

2008 Croatian Radio Festival (HRF) 1st Prize of Radio Stations -(Danijela Martinović " 'Ko će tebe mi zaminit")

2008 Zagrebfest 1st Prize of Jury (Lidija Bačić "Kiša")

2008 Zagrebfest 1st Audience Award (Lidija Bačić "Kiša")

2008 Zagrebfest 1st Prize for the best Composition ( Lidija Bačić "Kiša")

2009 Melodije Mostara 1st Debut Award (Lidija Bačić "Kraj")

2009 Melodije Istre i Kvarnera, 1st Debut Award (Lidija Bačić i kl. Grobnik" Ne moren kontra sebe")

2009 Melod. Istre i Kvar. Best Interpretation Award (Lidija Bačić (i kl. Grobnik)" Ne moren kontra sebe")

2009 Sunčane skale 2nd Prize of Jury (Lidija Bačić "Kiša")

2009 Darfest, 2nd Prize of Jury(Ana Vargek "Ti me podsjećaš na njega")

2009 Pjesmom do srca 3rd Prize of Jury (Kristina Bezuh "Ljubav me dovela k tebi" )

2009 Zagrebfest Best Interpretation Award (Lidija Bačić "Pogled")

2009 Zagrebfest 3rd Prize of Jury (Lidija Bačić "Pogled")

2009 MEF 1st Prize of Jury (Lidija Bačić "Zarobljeno vrijeme")

2009 MEF Best Interpretation Award (Lidija Bačić "Zarobljeno vrijeme")

2010 Uskrsfest 1st Performance Award (Lidija Bačić "Dijete Božje")

2010 Uskrsfest 2nd Prize of Jury (Lidija Bačić "Dijete Božje")

2010 Melodije Mostara 3rd Prize of Jury (Lidija Bačić "Majčina ljubav")

2010 Darfest Best Interpretation Award (Jelena Stipković "Ti si varao mene")

2010 Darfest 1st Award for the most Emotional Performance (Željka Brdar "Jedna noć s tobom")

2010 Mediafest 1st Debut Award (Lidija Bačić "Nisan sritna ja uz njega")

2010 Opuzen 1st Award (Grand Prix) (Lidija Bačić "Nisan sritna ja uz njega")

2010 Zadarfest 1st Prize of Jury (Lidija Bačić "Ako te ikad izgubim")

2011 Melodije Mostara Best Interpretation Award (Vedrana Vukojević "Svoja")

2011 Darfest 1st Award (Grand Prix) (Jelena Stipković "Hodam zvijezdama")

2011 Darfest 1st Audience Award (Dora Bačić "Zvao si me moja jube")

2011 Darfest Best Interpretation Award (Ana Vargek "Imam svoje ja")

2011 Melodije Istre i Kvarnera- Umag 1st Award (Lidija Bačić "Neka se vino toči")

2011 Melodije Istre i Kvarnera- Pag 3rd Award (Lidija Bačić "Neka se vino toči")

2011 Melodije Istre i Kvarnera- Gračišće 2nd Award (Lidija Bačić "Neka se vino toči")

2011 Melodije Istre i Kvarnera- 1st Prize Listeners' Choice (Lidija Bačić "Neka se vino toči")

2011 Mel. Istre i Kvar- Award Croatian Radio Rijeka for 100 weeks on top-list (Lidija Bačić i kl. Grobnik "Ne moren kontra sebe")

2011 Melodije Istre i Kvarnera- Best Interpretation Award (Sabrina Hebiri "Ako nisi sritan")

2011 Splitski festival Best Interpretation Award (Lidija Bačić i klapa Grobnik "Gospe od žalosti")

2012. Darfest Best Interpretation Award (Marko Tomasović "Ja ću te sačuvati")

2012. Festival Dalmatinske šansone Šibenik Best Interpretation Award (Lidija Bačić "Ja ću samo tvoja bit")

2013. Darfest Grand Prix (Viktorija Medvarić "Nek ti s drugom bude sretnije")

2013. Darfest 2nd Prize of Jury (Anamarija Filipović "Kad srce krivog zavoli")

2013. Darfest 1st Audience Award (Marko Tomasović "Naći ću te ja")

2013. Zlatna ruža 1st Prize of Jury (Manuela Matijašević "Baš je dobro tulumariti")

2013. MEF 1st Prize for the best Composition (Mirko Švenda-Žiga "Prosjak")

2013. MEF 1st Prize of Radio Stations (Globus Band "Kad te poljubim")

2013. Zlatne Note 1st Prize of Jury (Alen Bičević "Da si mi značila")

2013. Zlatne Note 3rd Prize of Jury (Anamarija Filipović "Kad srce krivog zavoli")

2013. Zlatne Note 1st Prize for the best Composition (Marko Tomasović "Jedino si moje samo ti")

2014. Darfest Best Interpretation Award (Anamarija Filipović "Kako ću bez tebe ljubavi")

2014. Darfest 1st Audience Award (Maya Žaja "Hej frajeru")

2014. Marco Polo Fest 1st Prize of Radio Stations (Nenad Kumrić Charlie i klapa Marof "Hvala živote")

2014. Zlatna ruža Best Interpretation Award (Anamarija Filipović "Kako ću bez tebe ljubavi")

2014. MEF Best Interpretation Award (Irma Dragičević "Sada si tu")

2014. MEF 1st Debut Award (Irma Dragičević "Sada si tu")

2014. MEF 1st Stage Performance Award (Emina Arapović "Bit ćeš ostavljen")

2014. Zlatne Note Best Interpretation Award (Anamarija Filipović "Izdala me moja prijateljica")

2014. Zlatne Note Best Interpretation Award (Marko Tomasović "Uvijek ću biti tvoj")


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