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Markos Sklivaniotis (Greek: Μάρκος Σκληβανιώτης) is a Greek writer and a poet.

He was born in Patras, Greece, 1954. He studied chemical engineering in Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki and following that he was engaged in research in the University of Leeds, UK, achieving his Ph.D. degree in 1982. He is now working in Patras, In the Municipal Water Utility Sector DEYAP.



Year Title Greek transliteration and English name Publisher ISBN
2001 I mystiki prosefchi tou Odyssea Η μυστική προσευχή του Οδυσσέα
The Secret Preyer Of Odysseus
Peri Technon, Patras ISBN 960-86814-9-9
2004 Agkalia me ton aspalatho Αγκαλιά με τον ασπάλαθο
Embracing the gorse
Gavriilidis, Athens ISBN 978-0-00-336342-5
2006 Sinepies tou pragmatikou Συνέπειες του πραγματικού
The consequences of the real
Gavriilidis, Athens ISBN 960-336-167-4
Wine Cellar
Gavriilidis, Athen ISBN 978-960-336-529-7


Year Title Greek transliteration and English name ISBN
2004 Piotia posimou nerou, Patras: Dimotiki Epihirissi Idrefsis-Apohetefsis Patras Ποιότητα Πόσιμου Νερού, Πάτρα, Δημοτική Επιχείρηση Υδρευσης Αποχέτευσης Πάτρας
Drinking Water Quality, Patras, Municipal Enterprise for Water and Sewage of Patras
ISBN 960-88086-0-X


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