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Notable charactersGeo-Force
Baron Bedlam
First appearanceThe Brave and the Bold #200 (July 1983)
PublisherDC Comics

Markovia is a fictional nation in the DC Comics Universe, first seen in The Brave and the Bold #200 (July 1983). Markovia is a small country in Europe, ruled by the Markov family.

Fictional history[edit]

The capital and only major city of Markovia is Markovburg. Markovia suffered a Nazi invasion during World War II. In the same period, the commando team known as the Losers died defending Markovia from a cosmic threat.[1] The King of Markovia had two sons, Gregor and Brion, and an illegitimate daughter, Terra. To avoid a scandal, the King quietly sent Terra to the United States. Her mother is unknown (to the readers).

Later, during the time Prince Brion operates as Geo-Force, the country was invaded by the Soviet Armed Forces, in an operation overseen by the Bad Samaritan, backed up by the villains Masters of Disaster and led by Baron Bedlam. This particular invasion was beaten back with the assistance of the Outsiders, only for the country to suffer a far worse invasion years later. A vampiric invasion, led by a vampire known as Roderick, slowly takes over the country. The Queen is murdered in a method that frames Brion, and the country suffers for some time. Again, the Outsiders help repel the invaders.

While Terra was taken in by the Teen Titans, Markovia fell into the hands of the revolutionaries and was finally absorbed into the Soviet Union.

The Outsiders are seen again helping to protect Markovia in the limited series Day of Judgment. This time it is from an invasion of demons, a situation most of the world is undergoing. Other heroes stop the demons at their source.

As detailed in Detective Comics #829–830, Markovia is in a state of war with the newly formed Republic of Jalib. However, representatives do attend a Bruce Wayne-sponsored peace talk.

Markovia is often depicted as an authoritarian country with a secret police. Prior to its annexation by the Soviets, Western countries and a number of other anti-communist regimes, such as South Africa's apartheid government, had supplied the Markovian military with arms.[2]

The Markovian language appears to be based on German.[2]

An independent terrorist organization called 'Kobra' invades Markovia, conquering part of it. The Justice League associate called 'Katana' become involved in this incident when she tries to ally with the scientist Doctor Helga Jace. [3]

In the "Watchmen" sequel "Doomsday Clock", Markovia and Russia are allied in what is called The Superman Theory which claims many superpowered beings are controlled by the American government.[4] When the world starts a "metahuman arms race", Markovia is listed as having the Outsiders as their residential superhero team.[5]

Other versions[edit]

In the Amalgam Comics universe, Markovia was later combined with Latveria of Marvel Comics to form the nation of Latkovia.

In other media[edit]

  • Markovia is featured in the Arrow television show. It is first mentioned in the episode "Lone Gunmen" when Oliver Queen is tracking Deadshot and finds out he once operated out of the country. In the episode "State vs. Queen" when wondering where Count Vertigo could possibly be hiding, Felicity Smoak suggested Markovia. In "Tremors" a businessman, Milo Armitage, wished to acquire the second Markov Device to use in Markovia, however he was caught by The Arrow before he could do a thing. The country made its first appearance in the episode "Suicide Squad". The Suicide Squad, led by Amanda Waller, went on a mission in to Markovburg, Markovia to obtain a deadly nerve agent that Gholem Qadir had. A.R.G.U.S. ordered a drone attack on the building containing the nerve agent, as it was too big to move, however the Suicide Squad along with Deadshot, who the missiles were locked on to, escaped the building. They were able to get the chip out of his body, allowing the missile to explode some distance from them. However, the Markovian government was annoyed at the drone detonation in a no-fly zone and threatened retaliation against the Americans. In "The Monument Point", Markovia was mentioned by Lyla Michaels as one of the countries with a nuclear missile arsenal, which the Rubicon protocol, developed by A.R.G.U.S., could theoretically control. In "Bratva", the rogue American general J.G. Walker went to Russia to sell nuclear switch to Markovian terrorists, but the deal is stopped by Team Arrow and Bratva, the latter one thanks to the Oliver's friend and ally Anatoly Knyazev. In season six episode "Tribute", four Markovian delegates meet with mayor Oliver Queen in Star City as part of a Markovian delegation intent on brokering a trade deal with city. They are kidnapped by Anatoly (now former friend turned enemy to Queen due to the events of "Disbanded" from fifth season) and his men. Team Arrow finds them in Bratva-owned restaurant in freezer, except for the one (Alec Tarkov, CEO of Vortex Industries) who is poisoned and kept by Anatoly in separate location. He revealed to Oliver that he kidnapped them for ransom due to his forced pressure from Bratva, considering his leadership as weak and his friendly association with Oliver. Queen finds Tarkov and shoots him with antidote, but Anatoly shoots him in the back.
    • Markovia is mentioned in The Flash episode "Potential Energy" by Jay Garrick when the Team Flash is discussing about painting picture which was brought from that country called "The Crystal Ball".
  • Markovia will be featured heavily (particularly the Markov Family) in the upcoming Young Justice: Outsiders series.
  • Markovia is mentioned in Black Lightning on the episode "The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi" in the news. It is said that "After the mysterious death of King Victor, the war in Markovia rages on. Factions loyal to the royal family fight against insurmountable odds."


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