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Markscheider Kunst (Маркшейдер Кунст) is a ska band from St.Petersburg, Russia. It plays afro-rock, soukous, ska and reggae. Russian musical influences can be heard in their music as well. The band was founded in 1992 by geology students from St. Petersburg. The band has done gigs in many countries, as well as been the opener band for Manu Chao in Moscow in 2002.

Markscheider Kunst


  • Sergei Yefremenko (Yefr) - guitar, lyrics, vocals
  • Vladimir Matushkin (DJ Nguba) - guitar, backing vocals
  • Kirill Oskin - bass, backing vocals
  • Sergei Yegorov (Yegor) - drums, backing vocals
  • Ramil Shamsutdinov - orchestrated trombone
  • Alexander Pljusnin - trumpet
  • Michail Nikolajew - percussion
  • Iwan Nekljudow - Saxophone
Iwan Nekljudow
Alexander Pljusnin


  • Kem Byt? (1994/1996)
  • Live in Helsinki (single) (1997)
  • St.Petersburg-Kinshasa Transit (1998)
  • Krasivo Sleva (2001)
  • Na Svyazi (2003)
  • Ryba (maxisingle) (2006)
  • Café Babalu (2008)
  • Utopia (2010)

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