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Маркушица (Serbian)[1]
Municipality of Markušica
Općina Markušica
Markušica 1-Маркушица 1.JPG
Flag of Markušica
Coat of arms of Markušica
Coat of arms
Općina Markušica-Општина Маркушица.jpgNaselje Markušica-Насеље Маркушица.jpg
Markušica is located in Croatia
Markušica is located in Vukovar-Syrmia County
Coordinates: 45°22′26″N 18°42′22″E / 45.373766°N 18.706208°E / 45.373766; 18.706208
Country  Croatia
County Vukovar-Srijem
 • Municipal mayor Budimir Drača [2] (SDSS[2])
Population (2011)[3]
 • Total 2.576 (municipality)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Official languages Croatian, Serbian[4]

Markušica (Hungarian: Márkusfalva, Serbian Cyrillic: Маркушица)[5] is a village and a municipality in Vukovar-Srijem County, Croatia.


The municipality have total area of 74.29 km2. River Vuka flows through the municipality and territory of the municipality is completely flat very fertile black soil. It is connected by D518 highway with rest of country.




There are 2 555 inhabitants, the majority of the population which are Serbs, who make up 90,10% of the population according to the 2001 population census.[6]


Due to the local minority population, the Markušica municipality prescribe the use of not only Croatian as the official language, but the Serbian language and Serbian Cyrillic alphabet as well.[7][8]



Multilateral cooperation[edit]

Markušica municipality is one of seven member municipalities of Joint Council of Municipalities, inter-municipal sui generis organization of Serbian community in eastern Croatia.

Municipality government[edit]

The municipality assembly is composed of 13 representatives plus additional seats for municipality minority groups if they don't get proportional number of seats. As of 2013, the member parties/lists are:

e • d Summary of the 19 May 2013 Croatian local elections
Party Votes % Seats
Independent Democratic Serb Party 793 80,51 12
Our Party 88 8,93 1
Social Democratic Party of Croatia 62 6,29 0
New Serb Party 42 4,26 0
Invalid/blank votes 17 1,70
Total 1.003 100
Registered voters/turnout 2.323 43,18

Additional seat for local Croat minority

Social Democratic Party of Croatia 1
Markušica Local Elections 2013.jpg
Source: Croatian Bureau of Statistics page 417 and 418


Markušica development index is less than 50% of the Croatian average,[9] which classifies them into 10% of the poorest municipalities. Therefore, the municipality is part of the Areas of Special State Concern.[10]



Points of Interest[edit]

Markušica Municipality is famous for a monument dedicated to a soldier killed in World War II. The village has a unique monument to a female Soviet pilot from the Red Army, who fought against the Nazis and whose plane was shot down here. The village also has an Orthodox Church from 1810, which was damaged in the war in Croatia.[clarify]

Associations and Institutions[edit]

The village has a volunteer fire department.[11]


The municipality consists of the following settlements:[12]

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