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Markus Wolff is a German born American artist, musician and writer.

An original member of Crash Worship, Pure, and collaborator with A Minority Of One, Blood Axis, L'Acéphale and several others, Wolff has produced works of art, sculptures, graphic design and music since the late 80's.[1]

As a writer, he contributes to the journal Tyr and one of the editors of Hex Magazine.[2]

His creative musical works are collectively known as Waldteufel, a name taken from Emile Waldteufel.

He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.


Albums and EPs[edit]

Year Title Format, Special Notes
1995 Der Grosse Rausch 7"
1999 Berghoch Am Walde 7"
2000 Heimliches Deutschland First full-length CD.
2003 Eines Gottes Spur 10"
2004 Heimliches Deutschland 2xLP rerelease. Limited to 400 copies. Special edition limited to 15 copies.
2005 Rauhnacht Limited to 500 copies. Packaged in a small DVD case.
2006 Bergoch am Walde 7", limited to 50 hand-painted copies.
2008 Sanguis Third full length release.


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