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Marlin Maddoux (1933–2004) was a pioneer in Christian broadcasting.[1] Maddoux was the host of Point of View radio talk show, the founder and president of the USA Radio Network and the National Center for Freedom & Renewal (formerly International Christian Media), Alliance Defense Fund co-founder as well as a noted journalist and author.

Maddoux was founder and host of Point of View radio talk show, which began in 1972 and is broadcast daily via satellite on 250 radio stations nationwide and around the world by shortwave. Marlin was a pioneer in the talk radio industry with Point of View’s hard-hitting issues-oriented talk format.[citation needed] For more than thirty years, Point of View has covered the full spectrum of issues and current events that affect homes, beliefs, schools, government, churches and basic freedoms from a Christian perspective. In 1986, Maddoux received the National Religious Broadcasters Award of Merit. In 1994, Christianity Today magazine called Point of View America's "most popular live Christian call-in show."

In 1985, Maddoux founded USA Radio Network, a for-profit company, which today is one of the nation's fastest-growing news radio networks with more than 1,300 affiliated radio stations across the nation.[citation needed] USA radio news is also carried worldwide on the Armed Forces Radio Service. USA Radio Network's broadcast center is in northwest Dallas; the network also has news stringers in 45 countries of the world. In 1994, the National Religious Broadcasters awarded the USA Radio Network its "Program Producer of the Year" Award. Marlin Maddoux was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2007

Maddoux was a guest on national television and radio broadcasts including, "CBS Morning News," ABC's "Nightline," ABC's "Good Morning America," "CNN," "Focus on the Family," and many others. He has been an invited guest at the White House on several occasions, having met with both President Ronald Reagan and President George Bush. He is the author of several books, including “America Betrayed”, “What Worries Parents Most”, “The Gay Deception”, “Free Speech or Propaganda?” and “A Christian Agenda: Game Plan for a New Era”, and his first novel, “Seal of Gaia”, published by Word. Marlin had finished his book on public education just prior to his death, and it was posthumously published, as Public Education Against America, the following year. Marlin’s wife, four adult children and ten grandchildren remain behind to carry out his legacy.

Point of View after Maddoux's death[edit]

The radio show is now hosted by Kerby Anderson, who maintains views very similar to Maddoux's, except in the field of economics, an area in which Anderson holds more libertarian (rather than classical conservative) views. Anderson is the author of several political and theological books, including A Biblical Point Of View On Islam and A Biblical Point Of View On Homosexuality. Anderson continued the show, with various co-hosts, until the USA Radio Network underwent an ownership change in 2014.


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