Marline Yan

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Marline Yan
Born (1993-01-09) January 9, 1993 (age 24)
St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Actress, Singer
Years active 2009-present

Marline Yan (born January 9, 1993 in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian actress and singer. Her most prominent appearance is in Canadian television series How To Be Indie.


Yan started acting and singing when she was ten in shows from local theatre companies. Due to her portrayal of the fictional Filipino Canadian character, Abigail Flores, in the popular YTV show, How to Be Indie, she is often mistaken to be of Filipino descent. However Marline had denounced this rumour of her being of Filipino descent in her Twitter blog.[1] Marline is in fact, of mixed Asian heritage as she is of Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Indian descent.[2] In her first year of high school at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, in London, Ontario, she was cast as the leading role in a production of Romeo and Juliet. At the age fourteen, she was first signed on to an agency and a year later was cast for the role of Abigail, a Filipino-Canadian girl who is also Indie's bestfriend. in the YTV series How To Be Indie. Later that year, she appeared as Sophia in the successful Family Channel series Connor Undercover.

In 2010, Yan was cast a minor two episode role for Wingin' It, a children's series which also starred her How to Be Indie co-star Dylan Everett. She most recently completed a television film titled Made... The Movie and was cast for an upcoming film Trigger[when?].[3] Subsequently, she returned for a second season of How To Be Indie, which premiered in fall 2010.[4]

Acting career[edit]

Year Title Episodes Type Role
How To Be Indie[5] 26
(52 Filmed)
TV Series Abigail Flores
2009 Connor Undercover [6] 3 TV Series Sophia
2010 Wingin' It[7] 2 TV Series Linda Peachtree
2010 Made...The Movie [8] N/A TV Movie Kitty
2010 Trigger [9] N/A Movie Musician


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