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Marlon Sobers
Also known asFarmer, Cowboy, Asher
OriginEnterprise, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
Occupation(s)Singer, Ganja Farmer
Years active2006–present

Marlon Asher is a Trinidadian reggae singer from Enterprise, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago. His first hit was "Ganja Farmer" and he later went on to release three more popular reggae songs, his latest being "Fit and Strong".

Marlon Asher grew up in Enterprise Street, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago. He was a member of the Mount Ararat Spiritual Baptist Church Choir and later converted to Rastafari.

Asher was a pioneer of the Trinidadian reggae movement and his first song "Ganja Farmer" sparked controversy in his country despite being a run away hit. In an exclusive interview with the Trinidad and Tobago Express, he answered his critics by explaining what the song meant to him:

"I was never a farmer, but I have friends who are and seeing what they have to go through when police burn their fields inspired me to create the song. People must understand that planters have mouths to feed and this is how they earn a living to do so. Putting aside the fact that herb is life and everything else about that, when you think about the work and money a man puts into his field and then see it being burnt, it's not easy."

"Herb is not for everyone. It have people who will smoke and trip. My music is not about promoting hate and violence, it's about uplifting people. I may not be able to change the world, but I can lead people into thinking differently about life and living with each other. Also, the lyrics in the song that tell about the rocket launcher, does not mean that people should kill police. I am showing the anger that a farmer has inside when he sees his field being burnt. That anger and frustration is real."[1]

Asher was once a joiner and a mason but left the trade due to allergies. His left index finger was lost in a sawing accident. He is currently a member of a pan side led by his father Glenford Sobers.

Asher has toured together with the stars such as Sizzla, Slightly Stoopid, Fortunate Youth, Beenie Man, Israel Vibration, Ras Shiloh, Matisyahu, Capleton, Maxi Priest, Kottonmouth Kings, and even the American R&B Group Boyz II Men. He has toured All over the continental United States, Hawaii, Canada, Africa, Amsterdam, Germany, the United Kingdom as well as other parts of Europe.[2]

He has since paved the way for other local reggae stars such as Prophet Benjamin,[3] I-sasha, Khari Kill, Jah Bami, Xebulon, King David, Mr. Royal "Dainties" and so many more. In the last few years he has been rising steadily with full studio albums from Vas Productions Including “Illusions” Released in 2015, “Rebirth” Released In 2019, He Was Also On The Compilations “Life Of A Ghetto Youth” Released in 2017 and “Life Of A Ghetto Youth Chapter 2” Released in 2019. He has collaborated on music with some of the biggest reggae artists & producers including Sizzla, Anthony B, Slightly Stoopid, Pressure Busspipe, Orlando Octave, Fortunate Youth, Don Corleon, Teflon Zincfence, and so many more rising Marlon and Catapulting his career to The next level as a worldwide artist. Due to the shutdowns with Covid 19 around the world. Marlon has been in the studio and He is currently working on his next album release and another “Life Of A Ghetto Youth” Chapter 3 for Vas Productions, expected out later this year (2021) or early next year(2022). In 2020 He released 2 singles “Family Love” & “Use Me”. In 2020 He performed a few live stream shows, and played a few drive in shows with the band Slightly Stoopid, & in 2021 he performed his first show to the public in over a year due to Covid 19 in Arcata, California on 4/20/2021 to a sold out crowd.

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