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Marlow-Hunter 22
DesignerGlenn Henderson
LocationUnited States
Builder(s)Hunter Marine
Boat weight1,700 lb (771 kg)
Draft3.50 ft (1.07 m) with keel down
LOA21.33 ft (6.50 m)
LWL18.75 ft (5.72 m)
Beam7.92 ft (2.41 m)
Engine typeOutboard motor
Hull appendages
Keel/board typelifting keel
Ballast500 lb (227 kg) of lead
Rudder(s)transom-mounted rudder
Rig typeBermuda rig
I (foretriangle height)24.10 ft (7.35 m)
J (foretriangle base)6.87 ft (2.09 m)
P (mainsail luff)24.83 ft (7.57 m)
E (mainsail foot)10.67 ft (3.25 m)
SailplanFractional B&R rigged sloop
Mainsail area132.47 sq ft (12.307 m2)
Jib/genoa area82.78 sq ft (7.691 m2)
Total sail area215.25 sq ft (19.997 m2)

The Marlow-Hunter 22 is an American trailerable sailboat that was designed by Glenn Henderson as daysailer racer and first built in 2010. It is a development of the 2003 Hunter 216, but with the hull built of fiberglass, instead of thermo-plastic[1][2][3][4]

The design was originally marketed by the manufacturer in 2010 as the Hunter 22, but was usually referred to as the Hunter 22-2 to differentiate it from the unrelated 1981 Hunter 22 design. When Marlow bought the company in 2012 it was officially renamed the Marlow-Hunter 22.[1][2]


The design is built by Hunter Marine in the United States. Production started in 2010 and the design remained in production through 2018.[1][2][4]


The Marlow-Hunter 22 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass. It has a fractional sloop B&R rig with no backstay, a plumb stem, a rounded, open reverse transom, a transom-hung rudder controlled by a metal tiller and a lifting keel. It displaces 1,700 lb (771 kg) and carries 500 lb (227 kg) of lead ballast.[1]

The design emphasizes cockpit space at the expense of lower deck accommodation. It does have a V-berth in the bow and room for a portable head. In 2018 the manufacturer's base price was US$29,990.[4]

The boat has a draft of 3.50 ft (1.07 m) with the keel extended and 1.00 ft (0.30 m) with it retracted, allowing beaching or ground transportation on a trailer.[1]

The boat is normally fitted with a small outboard motor of up to 10 hp (7.5 kW) for docking and maneuvering.[1]

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