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Marlow Yachts is a luxury yacht producer owned and founded by David Marlow, owner of the Marlow Marinas in Florida.[1] The company owns a shipyard in China that employs over 600 workers,[2] employs 750 workers in the Tampa Bay Area, and over 1,000 workers at another shipyard in Taiwan.[3] The company began operations in 2001 and as of 2008 offered sizes ranging from 38 to 78 feet in its Explorer yacht model.[4] Since that time, the company has produced yachts in excess of that length.[5] In 2011 Marlow's businesses acquired the Merrill-Stevens Drydock & Repair Co.'s main drydocks in Miami, Florida.[6] Marlow Yachts is also involved in the preservation of marinas and boat schools in the United States.[2][7]


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