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Calle 51
Calle 51
Marly is located in Bogotá
Location in Bogotá
Coordinates: 4°38′00″N 74°03′58″W / 4.6334388°N 74.0659959°W / 4.6334388; -74.0659959
Country Colombia
LocalityChapinero, Teusaquillo
 • Total60.500
 • Demonym
Time zoneUTC-5 (Colombia Time (COT))
WebsiteAlcaldía Local de Chapinero

Marly is a neighbourhood in the locality of Chapinero in Bogotá, Colombia[1]


The Community of Marly was founded on the year of 1903, when a big house named Casaquinta de Marly was sold to a Doctor called Carlos Esguerra on the neighborhood of Chapinero, he transformed the Big House to a Clinic, one of first modern private Clinic of the City and Country, associating with the Doctors, Manuel M. Lobo, Manuel Cantillo, Rafael Ucrós, Luis Felipe Calderón, Miguel Rueda, Rafael Rocha, Juan David Herrera, José María Lombana Barreneche, Julio Z. Torres y Pompilio Martínez.[2]

The Clinic very Soon took a Good Welcome and quickly the area of the Clinic where know as Marly, so the Mayor of Bogotá decided to formerly name the barrio as Marly, and become a Part of the Locality number 2 of the City of Bogotá.


Marly Location in Chapinero’s Zona G, between Calle 45 and Calle 55

Marly is located in a Amazing location of the City, it limits in the south to Bogotá’s Downtown Centro Internacional de Bogotá and to the north with Central and North Chapinero, including Zona G, the Gourmet zone of the City where there’s a big list of important and exclusive restaurants, including one of the bests in Latin America[3], Also the Zona T limits to the north with Marly, the zone it’s the most important luxury commercial area of the Country including boutiques of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Longchamp among others, also there are important bars and nightlife in the Zone, featuring Hard Rock Café and Armando

Bogotá's Downtown limits to the south with Marly
The Eastern Hills Limits to the East with Marly

To the East Marly limits with the Cerros Orientales an important Natural area of the Andes, where the eco tourists can hike, camp, and do activities.

To the West the neighborhood limits with West Chapinero and Palermo, they are known for having the best sports and events stages, The Movistar Arena Bogotá that has hostes artists such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Paul McCartney, also there’s the Estadio Nemesio Camacho an important Soccer Stadium, also have hosted shows of Lady Gaga, One Direction, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, U2, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars.

Economy and Culture[edit]

Central Militar Hospital, in Marly

Marly is known in Bogotá for having the most important Hospitals of The City, the "Clinica de Marly[4], but having the Hospital Militar as well.

Is a wealthy neighbourhood of the city, between the Avenida Caracas and the Avenida Alberto Lleras Camargo or La Septima

Points of Interest[edit]

The points of Interest are of the neighbourhood are the Zona 51 that there are important bars of the city such as Guadalupe Club, MALABAR, Soko Bar, Babylon House, Congo among others, where the people of the city came to that point for dance and have a good time, you can find Tourist around the word that came to the city for looking that.

Parks and Open Space[edit]

Central Park Enrique Olaya Herrera it’s located 1km (less than a mile) to the south from Marly

Marly doesn’t have parks or open spaces inside his neighborhood but near there are several public parks, plazas, gardens and other open space:

  • Central Park Enrique Olaya Herrera
  • Sucre || Park
  • Portugal Park
  • Hippies Park
  • La Salle University Park
  • San Luis Park


Marly has more than 20 stations of the SITP, where the buses could transportate from there to another place of the city.

The neighbourhood has the Marly Station As well of the most important system of the city, the Transmilenio.

Bus Rapid Transit[edit]

Marly Main Line Service[edit]

Service as of April 29, 2006
Type Northern Routes Southern Routes
6 8
6 8
Express Monday through Saturday
all day
B14 C15 C19 D21 B73
F14 H15 F19 H21 H74
Express Monday through Saturday
Mixed service, rush and non-rush
C17 B27
H17 H27
Express Saturday
All Day
Express Sunday and holidays
C91 B92 D95
F91 H92 J95

Calle 45 Main Line Service[edit]

Service as of April 29, 2006
Type Northern Routes Southern Routes
6 8
6 8
Express Monday through Saturday
all day
B14 C15 B18 C19 D20 B23
F14 H15 L18 F19 H20 K23
Express Monday through Saturday
morning rush
D50 D51
Express Monday through Saturday
evening rush
Express Monday through Saturday
Mixed service, rush and non-rush
Express Sunday and holidays
C91 B92 D95
F91 H92 J95

Bike Paths[edit]

Route Road Description Length (km)
R18 Tc. Calle 63 from Carrera 13 to Av. Ciudad de Quito 1.9
R29 Calle 27 Sur from Carrera Séptima to Carrera 30 3.0


Bogotá's main Airport El Dorado International Airport it’s about 13 km. (8 miles) from Marly.

Restaurants & Shopping[edit]

Plaza 39 Mall

Marly has one Shopping Mall called Plaza 39 At the South of the Neighborhood, featuring Subway, Crepes & Waffles, and more local reataurants and shops.

The neighborhood has some popular restaurants, however it’s not his keen.

You can find McDonald's, The Wings D.C., and one of the most known vegan restaurant in town Maha, Vegetarian Food.

Also there are a variety options of cafés including Juan Valdez Café, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, Oma Café, Salvo Patria, Calico Cat Café among itgers.



The schools within Marly are as follows:[5]


  • Manuela Beltran Technique School


  • Champagnat School
  • Parochial School Our Lady of Chiquinquirá
  • Parochial Liceum Zara Zapata
  • John Dalton School
  • Chapinero’s English Royal School
  • New Britanial School


  • El Osito Pelusin Kindergarten
  • Picardy Kindergarten
  • Jumper Frog Kindergarten
  • Bilingual Kindergarten Our Creativity
Military Schools[edit]
  • Antonio Ricaurte Militar Institute




Emergency Services[edit]

Police Services[edit]

The Policia Nacional de Colombia operates the Chapinero area with the Police Station CAI Chapinero, at the Street 60 #9-12 serving the neighborhood[6].

Fire Services[edit]

The Chapinero's Firehouse it’s in the area[7]

Television, Film & Entertainment[edit]

For its location in the City Marly has appeared in several TV Shows and Films.

Exterior scenes from films such as Mile 22 have been filmed in the area.[8] Several episodes of the television show Distrito Salvaje were filmed in Marly.[9]

The Neighborhood also do a Cameo in the Netflix TV Show presented by David Farrier Dark Tourist, on the first episode Latin America[10]

Also Marly has appeared in some local shows and films, including Nickelodeon series Yo soy Franky[11].

The Neighborhood had a shout-out in the song Bogotá of Mauricio & Palodeagua[12].


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