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Marly van der Velden (born 6 January 1988, Delft) is a Dutch actress and fashion designer. She was born in Delft on the 6th of January 1988.

Marly van der Velden


Since she was very young she enjoyed dancing a lot, at the age of 15, in 2003, she took part as a Latin dancer in the Dutch championships for debutants.[1] In 2006 she was nominated for "most sexy woman" by the FHM. By the foundation Wakker Dier, she was nominated for "most sexy vegetarian".[2] Marly van der Velden has had anorexia, but she is cured now and she wants to help everyone with an eating disorder. This is the reason that she became ambassadress of Human Concern. Human Concern is a foundation which helps people with eating disorders. She is best known from 'Goede Tijden, Slechte tijden' also known as GTST (literally translated: Good Times, Bad Times). Here she plays the role of Nina Sanders, a very rich girl who is interested in fashion, just like Marly herself.


Together with her friend and colleague Gigi Ravelli she made her own jewelry line. It is very successful in the Netherlands and is called 'Kuise Meisjes' (literally translated: maidens). Especially their ear jewelry is famous. They have one big ring with a huge flower in one ear, and in the other ear nothing or just a ring without the flower. One way to buy their jewelry is by visiting their own page, but you can also buy it in the store 'Six' from Europe to the USA.

One of Marly's biggest dreams was to start a clothing line, which she started with Gigi Ravelli. The name of this clothing line is Label 13 by Gigi and Marly. You can only buy their clothes on their website. They also sell bags made by poor, unemployed mothers in India. Marly and Gigi will sell them and all the profits from those bags go to the Tiny Miracle Foundation for support.[3]

Writing and voice over[edit]

For four months she wrote together with an ex-colleague, Liza Sips, in one of the most popular teen magazines in the Netherlands, called 'Hitkrant'. They wrote a weekly column about what they did last week. In 2012 you can hear her voice in the Dutch version of the movie 'Dr. Seus' The Lorax' as the voice of Audrey.[4]



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