Marmashen Monastery

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Marmashen Monastery
Marmashen Monastery
Basic information
Location near Marmashen, Shirak Province, Armenia
Geographic coordinates 40°50′34″N 43°45′21″E / 40.842689°N 43.755781°E / 40.842689; 43.755781Coordinates: 40°50′34″N 43°45′21″E / 40.842689°N 43.755781°E / 40.842689; 43.755781
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Country Armenia
Architectural description
Architectural style Armenian
Completed 10th century

Marmashen Monastery (Armenian: Մարմաշենի վանք) is a 10th-century Armenian monastic complex consisting of five churches near the village of Marmashen in the Shirak Province of Armenia. The buildings at Marmashen are very similar in style to those of Khtzkonk Monastery.


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