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Marmion Avenue
Western Australia
Marmion Ave 158 N Currambine Ocean Gate.jpg
General information
Type Highway
Length 40.4 km (25 mi)[1]
Opened 1960s
Route number(s) State Route 71 (Trigg – Yanchep)
Major junctions
South end West Coast Highway (State Route 71 / Tourist Drive 204) , Trigg
North end Yanchep Beach Road, Yanchep
Major suburbs Karrinyup, Hillarys, Clarkson, Butler, Alkimos, Yanchep
Highway system

Marmion Avenue is a 40 kilometre arterial road in the northern coastal suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, linking Trigg in the south with Yanchep in the north. It forms part of State Route 71 along with West Coast Highway, which it joins onto at its southern terminus.

Route Description[edit]

View south from Burns Beach Road

Marmion Avenue is part of state route 71, from the southern terminus to Hester Avenue, continuing on from West Coast Highway. It commences in Trigg, traveling generally parallel with the Indian Ocean coastline, and the other north-south arterials Mitchell Freeway and Wanneroo Road, through mostly residential areas and a bit of undeveloped land north of Currambine, and terminates in Yanchep. Marmion Avenue is managed by Main Roads Western Australia from the southern terminus to Ocean Reef Road, the City of Joondalup from Ocean Reef Road to the City of Joondalup Boundary, and the City of Wanneroo for the whole section within the City of Wanneroo.[2][3]

It a four-lane dual carriageway from Trigg to Lukin Drive in Butler, a two-lane dual carriageway from Lukin Drive to Cambourne Parkway, and a two-lane single carriageway from Cambourne Parkway to the terminus in Yanchep.[4] The speed limit is mostly 80 km/h, with a brief 70 km/h sections near the southern terminus in Karrinyup and through Butler, and a 60 km/h section near the northern terminus in Yanchep.[5]

Trigg to Currambine[edit]

Marmion Avenue starts as a four-lane dual carriageway as a continuation of West Coast Highway, at the traffic light controlled intersection with Karrinyup Road in the City of Stirling. From there, Marmion Avenue travels north for 1.8 kilometres (1.1 mi), past the Hamersley Public Golf Course and the residential areas of Trigg, North Beach and Karrinyup, before intersecting with the western terminus of Reid Highway and the western section of North Beach Road. Then, Marmion Avenue travels for 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) past the Star Swamp Reserve to the west and the residential area of Carine to the west, before intersecting with Beach Road, and crossing over into the City of Joondalup

Marmion Avenue then travels north through redidential suburbs for 6.6 kilometres (4.1 mi), having traffic light controlled intersections with Warwick Road and Hepburn Avenue, before passing Westfield Whitford City shopping centre, near Whitfords Avenue. Marmion Avenue continues north through residential areas, intersecting with Ocean Reef Road, Hodges Drive, Shenton Avenue and Moore Drive, and passing by Currambine Central Shopping Centre, before intersecting with Burns Beach Road.[4]

North of Currambine[edit]

North of Burns Beach Road, Marmion Avenue passes through 1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi) of residential areas, before crossing into the City of Wanneroo and travelling through 1.6 kilometres (0.99 mi) of undeveloped land in Tamala Park. Marmion Avenue provides access to the Tamala Park Rubbish Disposal Site. Marmion Avenue then travels through the ClarksonButler region for 9.6 kilometres (6.0 mi), intersecting with Neerabup Road, Hester Avenue and Lukin Drive. Marmion Avenue loses the State Route 71 allocation at the intersection with Hester Avenue, and becomes a 2 lane road at Lukin Drive.

Marmion Avenue then travels northwards, through the soon to be developed suburbs of Alkimos and Eglinton, providing access to current and future developments. After 8 kilometres (5.0 mi), Marmion Avenue reaches the outer suburb of Yanchep, and terminates at a large roundabout with Yanchep Beach Road.[4]


Approximate road distances (in kilometres) of coastal suburbs from Trigg onwards.

Marmion Avenue was first built as an arterial road that tracked the then-new outer northern suburbs of Perth, following the limit of the Perth metropolitan area as it expanded northwards. In the late 1960s, the road originally began at Beach Road in Marmion, giving the road its namesake.

Until the early 1980s, the road was a two-lane single carriageway connecting the coastal suburbs of Marmion and Mullaloo Beach. In 1984-85, the road was extended southwards to Karrinyup Road where it joined seamlessly onto West Coast Highway, which had been realigned further inland around the same time. Now the most important road in Perth's coastal suburbs, Marmion Avenue was duplicated up to Whitfords Avenue. In early 1986, it was assigned State Route 71, and from then on was gradually extended as a single carriageway road further north - extending first to Prendiville Avenue (just north of Ocean Reef Road), to Burns Beach Road in 1991 and to Quinns Road in the mid-1990s. Marmion Avenue was finally duplicated to its terminus in 2001, with the last portion being the empty stretch between Burns Beach Road & Quinns Rocks.

In 2000 and 2001, Reid Highway was extended as a two lane road from its terminus at Mitchell Freeway to Marmion Avenue, providing another link to the east.[6] This section was later upgraded to a four-lane dual carriageway in 2015-2016.[7]

After delays due to disagreements at State Government level about what route the road should follow, Marmion Avenue was extended further north to Yanchep and opened to traffic in November 2008. The extension is currently a single carriageway, but earthworks have already been undertaken to enable conversion to dual carriageway at a later date. The extension also features roundabouts at future major junctions. The completion of this extension allowed the future satellite city of Alkimos/Eglinton to begin construction.[8][9]

On July 1, 2010, fixed red light and speed cameras were installed at the Marmion Avenue / Hepburn Avenue intersection to fine people who run red lights and speed, so the amount of road deaths in Western Australia can be reduced.[10][11]

In 2016, the existing Marmion Avenue / Mullaloo Drive intersection was upgraded from a non-signalised t-junction to a roundabout in response to a ranking as the 39th Worst Intersection. Pedestrian paths were re-aligned, off-road cycling paths were added, Western Power light poles were upgraded and crash barriers were installed to protect residents and pedestrians.[12][13]

As part of Main Roads Western Australia's Traffic Congestion Management Program, Marmion Avenue's intersections with Hepburn Avenue and Whitfords Avenue were upgraded during 2016 and 2017 to improve traffic flow and safety. Between 2010 and 2015, there were 249 crashes at both of these intersections combined, and 72,000 vehicle use both these intersections per day. This project was funded by the state government, and cost $12 million. Longer and additional turning lanes were added, pedestrian and cycling facilities were upgraded, traffic signals were upgraded and power lines were put underground. CCTV was also installed so that Main Roads can monitor traffic flow. Construction started in November 2016 and finished ahead of schedule in May 2017.[14][15][16][17][18]


Works are currently in progress to widen Marmion Avenue to a four-lane dual carriageway between Lukin Drive and Butler Boulevard. The project costs $2.21 million and is funded by the City of Wanneroo. Construction started in February 2017 and is expected to be complete by August 2017.[19][20]

Construction is planned to start in 2018 on upgrading Marmion Avenue north of Camborne Parkway, from the current 2-lane single carriageway to a 4-lane dual carriageway. The state government is giving the City of Wanneroo $23 million to upgrade the road, and it is scheduled to be complete by 2020.[21][22][23]

Extensions of Marmion Avenue are possible to Two Rocks. However, there are no plans for this at present. Perth's Transport at 3.5 million plan does not say that Marmion Avenue will be extended,[24] and the Department of Planning's documents currently show Marmion Avenue terminating at Yanchep.[25] One possible complication would be Two Rocks's past use as a munitions dump, meaning that most non-suburban sections of the suburb are fenced off.

The ultimate plan is for Marmion Avenue to become a six-lane dual carriageway between Alkimos and Yanchep, and a four-lane dual carriageway for the rest of the road. Also, the intersection with Yanchep Beach Road may be grade separated by 2050.[24]

Junction List[edit]

StirlingTriggKarrinyup boundary0.00.0 West Coast Highway (State Route 71) – Cottesloe south / Karrinyup Road (State Route 76) – Karrinyup, Morley east and westMarmion Avenue terminus; Road continues south as West Coast Highway; Traffic light controlled intersection
North BeachWatermans BayCarine–Karrinyup quadripoint1.81.1 Reid Highway (State Route 3) – Balcatta, Morley, Perth Airport East / North Beach Road – North Beach westTraffic light controlled intersection
Stirling–Joondalup boundaryMarmion-Duncraig–Carine tripoint3.42.1Beach RoadTraffic light controlled t-junction
JoondalupMarmion–Sorrento–Duncraig tripoint4.62.9 Warwick Road (State Route 81) – WarwickTraffic light controlled t-junction
Sorrento–HillarysPadbury–Duncraig quadripoint6.74.2 Hepburn Avenue (State Route 82) – Hillarys, Padbury, BallajuraTraffic light controlled intersection; fixed red light and speed cameras installed[10]
Hillarys–KallarooCraigie–Padbury quadripoint9.25.7 Whitfords Avenue (State Route 83) – Hillarys, Padbury, WangaraTraffic light controlled intersection
MullalooBeldon boundary11.06.8Mullaloo Drive – MullalooRoundabout t-junction
Mullaloo–Ocean ReefHeathridge–Beldon quadripoint12.17.5 Ocean Reef Road (State Route 84) – Edgewater, Ocean Reef, WangaraTraffic light controlled intersection
Ocean Reef–Connolly–Heathridge14.18.8Hodges Drive – Heathridge, JoondalupTraffic light controlled intersection
Ocean Reef–IlukaCurrambine–Connolly quadripoint15.59.6Shenton Avenue – Connolly, JoondalupRoundabout intersection
Iluka–Currambine boundary16.610.3Moore Drive – Currambine, JoondalupT-junction
Iluka–Burns BeachKinross–Currambine quadripoint17.410.8 Burns Beach Road (State Route 87) – Burns Beach, Kinross, JoondalupTraffic light controlled intersection
WannerooMindarieClarkson tripoint21.513.4Anchorage Drive west / Neerabup Road east – Mindarie, ClarksonRoundabout intersection
Mindarie–Merriwa–Clarkson tripoint23.614.7Anchorage Drive North west / Hester Avenue east – Mindarie, Merriwa, Ridgewood, ClarksonState route 71 northern terminus; Roundabout intersection
Quinns RocksButler–Merriwa tripoint25.916.1Lukin Drive – Butler, Ridgewood, MerriwaRoundabout t-junction
Jindalee–Butler boundary27.016.8Jindalee Boulevard west / Kingsbridge Boulevard east – Jindalee, ButlerTraffic light controlled intersection
Jindalee–Butler boundary28.817.9Reflection Boulevard west / Cambourne Parkway east – Jindalee, ButlerTraffic light controlled intersection
Yanchep40.024.9Lagoon Drive west / Peony Boulevard east – YanchepTraffic light controlled intersection
40.425.1Yanchep Beach Road – Yanchep, Two RocksMarmion Avenue terminus; Roundabout t-junction



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