Marmolada Glacier

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A view of the Marmolada Glacier.
The glacier in June 2015, seen from Pian dei Fiacconi.

The Marmolada Glacier (Italian: Ghiacciaio della Marmolada) is located on the mountain Marmolada in the district of Trentino, Italy. It is the only glacier of the Dolomites section of the Alps. During World War I, the front line between Austrian and Italian forces ran over Marmolada, and Austrian soldiers built quarters in glacier tunnels, forming an "ice city" of considerable size. A World War I museum, Museo della Grande Guerra in Marmolada, is located in the valley below the glacier.[1]


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Coordinates: 46°26′24″N 11°51′36″E / 46.44000°N 11.86000°E / 46.44000; 11.86000