Marmon Motor Company

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Marmon Motor Company
IndustryPremium Trucks
SuccessorNavistar International (For construction plant only)
HeadquartersDenton, Texas, United States

Marmon Motor Company was a Texas-based manufacturer of luxury trucks from 1963 through 1997.


Marmon P 57

In 1963, after Marmon-Herrington, the successor to the Marmon Motor Car Company, ceased truck production, a new company, Marmon Motor Company of Denton, Texas, purchased and revived the Marmon brand to build and sell premium truck designs that Marmon-Herrington had been planning.

The Marmon truck was a low-production, handmade truck sometimes dubbed the Rolls-Royce of trucks.[citation needed] An overcrowded American truck industry and the lack of a nationwide sales network led to the eventual failure of Marmon trucks in the USA. The last Marmon was made in 1997, and the production facilities in Garland, Texas, were taken over by Navistar’s Paystar division.

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