Marne River (South Australia)

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The Marne River (34°42′S 139°34′E / 34.700°S 139.567°E / -34.700; 139.567) is the major tributary from the eastern Mount Lofty Ranges into the Murray River in South Australia. Before 1917, it was called the Rhine River South. Due to anti-German sentiment during World War I, it was renamed after the Marne River of France, where the German advance was stopped in 1914.[1]

The Marne's headwaters are around Eden Valley and Springton, and it passes through Cambrai before flowing into the Murray at Wongulla.

In pre-European times, the Ngarrindjeri people used the Marne Valley as a route up into the hills to trade with the Peramangk people in the Barossa Valley and to cut bark canoes from the River Red Gums in the hills which had thicker bark than those near the Murray. The original name of the Marne River was Taingappa, meaning footrack-trading road.

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