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Marno is located in Slovenia
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°8′38.59″N 15°8′13.02″E / 46.1440528°N 15.1369500°E / 46.1440528; 15.1369500Coordinates: 46°8′38.59″N 15°8′13.02″E / 46.1440528°N 15.1369500°E / 46.1440528; 15.1369500
CountryFlag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Traditional regionStyria
Statistical regionCentral Sava
 • Total1.51 km2 (0.58 sq mi)
433 m (1,421 ft)
 • Total216

Marno (pronounced [ˈmaːɾnɔ]) is a settlement in the Municipality of Hrastnik in central Slovenia. It lies just north of the main road east of Dol. Traditionally the area was part of the Styria region. It is now included with the rest of the municipality in the Central Sava Statistical Region.[2]

Mass graves[edit]

Marno is the site of two known mass graves associated with the Second World War. The Marno Mass Grave (Slovene: Grobišče Marno) is located south of the settlement, on the edge of the woods about 150 m from a chapel-shrine. The grave is believed to encompass the entire margin of the woods—from the road between Marno and Turje to the east, to the bottom of the valley with the creek to the west. The grave contains the remains of several hundred people (Home Guard soldiers and civilians) transport from the Teharje camp and murdered at the beginning of June 1945.[3] The Krištandol Mass Grave (Grobišče Krištandol) is located northwest of the settlement, on a grassy slope below the house at Krištandol no. 15, 9 m from a large tree and 32 m from the edge of the woods. It contains an unknown number of victims.[4]


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