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Maroantsetra is a market town and domestic seaport in Analanjirofo Region, Madagascar, at the northern end of the Bay of Antongil.

Maroantsetra [maronˈtseʈʂə̥] is the main point of access to Masoala National Park and the Nosy Mangabe special reserve, and the headquarters of the park authority.

Access to the town is mainly by air, with regular connections to Toamasina and Antananarivo or by sea. While Route Nationale 5 runs south along the coast to Mananara Nord and Toamasina, it is little more than a forest track for much of its length and frequently impassable. There are no roads into the town from the north or west.

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Coordinates: 15°26′0″S 49°45′0″E / 15.43333°S 49.75000°E / -15.43333; 49.75000