Maron (mythology)

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Maron (/ˈmærɒn, ˈmærən/) or Maro (/ˈmær/; Greek: Μάρων, gen. Μάρωνος) in mythology was son of Evanthes (some also call him a son of Oenopion, Silenus or of Bacchus, and a pupil of Seilenus),[1] and grandson of Dionysus and Ariadne. He was also a priest of Apollo at Ismarus. He was the hero of sweet wine, and is mentioned among the companions of Dionysus. In Odyssey (9.200) before making Polyphemus drunk and fall asleep, Odysseus narrates:[2]

The city Maroneia in Thrace was named after Maron; there he was venerated in a sanctuary.


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