Maronite Convent, Jerusalem

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Old Jerusalem Maronite Convent street 25 Foyer Mar Maroun sign.jpg

The Maronite Convent, also known as the Maronite Church or the Maronite Monastery, is a Maronite Catholic convent located on Maronite Convent Street 25 near the Jaffa Gate in the Armenian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.[1] Erected in 1895 as the only Maronite place of worship in the Old City of Jerusalem, it effectively serves as the cathedra of the Maronite Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate of Jerusalem and Palestine along with official residence of its archbishop.[2][3]

The complex, which previously served as a hospital for German Protestants in the 19th century, comprises a Maronite chapel, as well as the Pilgrim's Guesthouse of Saint Maron (French: Foyer de Saint Maron), maintained by Maronite nuns from the Congregation of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.[4] In addition, it hosts a pilgrim organisation called Peregrinatio Jubilaum Jerusalem (PJJ), set up in 1999 by the Maronite Church in charge of organising tours.[5]