Maroochy River

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Queensland State Archives 1134 Excursion Lanches Maroochy River January 1931.png
A river excursion, 1931
Country Australia
State Queensland
Region South East Queensland
Source Blackall Range
Mouth Maroochydore
Basin 630 km2 (243 sq mi)

The Maroochy River is a river in South East Queensland, Australia. The river rises from the eastern slopes of the Blackall Range and flows east through Eumundi, before entering the sea at Cotton Tree, Maroochydore.[1] Other populated centres in the catchment include Nambour, Eudlo, Yandina and Coolum.

The suburb south of Airport and North of River and west of Motorway is known as Maroochy River.


The watershed of the Maroochy River encompasses 630 square kilometres (240 sq mi) of undulating hills which have been cleared for agriculture and urban uses.[2] There are three dams in the catchment area including Wappa Dam, Cooloolabin Dam and Poona Dam which total to 27,997 megalitres (988.7×10^6 cu ft) of capacity.[1]

There are two main arms: North and South Maroochy Rivers.[3] Tributaries of the river include Petrie Creek and its major tributary Paynter Creek, Eudlo Creek, Coolum Creek, Doonan Creek and Yandina Creek.[3]

There is one Canal system open to the river Maroochy Waters and a second Canal system with restricted access to river namely Twin Waters. There are also numerous lake systems which drain to the river and its creeks such as Sunshine Cove.

There are a number of named Islands in the river including Pincushion Island, Goat Island, Channel Island, Chambers Island & Bungee's Island.


Significant floods on the Maroochy River have occurred in 1893, 1951, 1974 and 1992.[4] In 1994 the Maroochy River flood warning system was set up to provide river height predictions for the Maroochy Shire Council.[4]


The mouth of the river was affected by the 2009 southeast Queensland oil spill, reaching about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) upstream to the Maroochy Bridge.[5]

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