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Marotta Controls Incorporated
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1943, Montville, New Jersey
Headquarters Montville, NJ
Motor Controller
Control Actuation Systems
Electronics, Actuators
Pneumatics, Hydraulics
Regulators, Valves
Smart Valves
Power Supply
Power Supply and Conversion
Solenoid Valves
Slogan "Your Success is Our Mission"[citation needed]

Founded in 1943, Marotta Controls, Inc. is one of the fastest growing technology businesses in New Jersey, specializing in the design, manufacture and integration of precision control components and systems. It offers valves, manifolds, power conversion, motor drives and control actuation systems for military and commercial applications.


Marotta was founded in 1943 as The Marotta Engineering Company. Early manufacturing sub-contracts for prime contractors such as General Electric Corporation and RCA enabled Marotta to gain experience in what was to become a particular area of expertise – precision valves and machined components for the rocket and guided missile industry.[1]

Breaking the Sound Barrier Marotta provided control valves on the rocket engine that powered Chuck Yeager’s Bell X-1 in the world's first supersonic flight, placing the company in the forefront of aerospace technology development.[citation needed]

Winning the Race to the Moon Marotta valves played an important role in the earliest days of manned space flight. Large numbers of valves and regulators for flight and ground support applications were used in the Project Mercury, Project Gemini and Project Apollo programs, most notably in the propulsion systems of the Apollo Service Module and Lunar Module Ascent engines.[citation needed]

Serving On and Beneath the Sea Marotta’s fluid control systems were soon performing many of the demanding fluid control tasks on board naval ships and submarines. Its pressure reducing manifolds control many of the air systems on board, from emergency gas turbine starting on surface combatants to the many critical pressurization functions on nuclear submarines.[citation needed]

Commercial Space Industry Marotta, being one of only a few certified companies to produce space-rated components, now provides components to the commercial space industry for companies such as SpaceX.[citation needed]



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