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Parish of Marown
Manx: Skeerey Varooney
Parish of Marown
Population: 2,246
Sheading: Middle
Parish church: St Runius
Industry: Agriculture

Marown (/məˈrn/ mə-ROWN, rhymes with "gown"; Manx: Marooney) is one of the seventeen parishes of the Isle of Man.

It is located in the centre of the island, in the sheading of Middle, though historically, from 1796 until 1986 it was in the sheading of Glenfaba.[1][2]

Settlements in the parish include Braaid, Crosby and Glen Vine.

Local government[edit]

For the purposes of local government, The whole of the historic parish forms a single parish district with Commissioners.[3]

The Captain of the Parish (since 2001) is Charles Fargher, MBE.[4]


Marown parish is part of the Middle constituency, which elects two Members to the House of Keys. Before 1986 it was in the Glenfaba constituency.


Marown has an area of approximately 9 square miles (23 km2) and is the only landlocked parish on Mann. The River Dhoo flows through the parish.

The Church of England parish church is St Runius church in Glen Vine. The old St Runius church is in Crosby[5][6] and St Luke's church. Crosby has a Methodist chapel.[7]

The parish primary school, Marown Primary School, was built in the 1980s, and is located in Glen Vine. The school was expanded in 2001.[8]

Marown Language Centre (Manx: Yn Ynnyd Çhengey), a foreign language teaching facility and training centre for teachers on the island, is located in Crosby, close to the old St Runius Church (dedicated to St. Runius or Rónán).[9] The name of the parish is derived from this saint (cf Malew).

Historic homes in the parish include Ellerslie Manor, Ballacotch Manor and Ballavagher House. The Millennium Way long distance footpath runs through the parish,[10] as does the Heritage Trail, which follows the old Peel to Douglas railway line.[11] The Snaefell Mountain Course also runs through the parish.

Famous residents of the parish have included English keyboard player Rick Wakeman, best known as the keyboardist for progressive rock group Yes, and Manx-born TV chef and actor, Kevin Woodford.[citation needed]


The Isle of Man census of 2016 returned a parish population of 2,246, a decrease of 2.9% from the figure of 2,311 in 2011.[12]


Marown F.C. is a football club who compete in the Isle of Man Football League. They play their home games at the Memorial Playing Fields in Crosby. The village also has the Crosby Cricket Club who play on the same site. They were founded in 1946 and are members of the Isle of Man Cricket Association.[13] The parish also has Marown Badminton Club based in Glen Vine, who are members of the Isle of Man Badminton Association,[14] Marown Hockey Club and Marown Bowling Club.


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