Marqués de Iria Flavia

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Marquisate of Iria Flavia
Escudo del marquesado de Iria Flavia.svg
Creation date 17 May 1996
Monarch Juan Carlos I of Spain
Peerage Spanish nobility
First holder Camilo José Cela Trulock
Present holder Camilo José Cela Conde
Heir apparent Camila Cela Marty
Remainder to Heirs of the body of the grantee

Marquis of Iria Flavia (Spanish: Marquesado de Iria Flavia) is a hereditary title in the Spanish nobility. This marquisate was bestowed by Juan Carlos I of Spain by Royal Decree 1137/1996, on 17 May 1996 on the author and Nobel laureate, Camilo José Cela Trulock, in recognition of his contribution to the Spanish language.[1] The title recalls the Celtiberian port of Iria Flavia in Galicia, northwestern Spain, where Cela was born and is now buried.

The current holder of the title is his only child, Camilo José Cela Conde.


The heiress apparent and the only person in line of succession to the marquisate is the present holder's only child, Camila Cela Marty (b. 1989).