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Marquard & Bahls
Marquard & Bahls AG
IndustryEnergy supply, Energy Trading, Energy Logistics
Founded1947 (1947) in Hamburg
FounderTheodor Weisser
Key people
  • Mark Garrett (CEO),
  • Lorenz Zwingmann (CFO)
Revenue€13.509 billion[1] (2017)
Number of employees
7,727[1] (2017 average)

Marquard & Bahls is a Hamburg-based company that is active in the fields of energy supply, trading and logistics. Its core lines of business include trading, tank storage logistics and aviation fuelling. The company is also active in the fields of dry bulk handling, fuel analysis and energy services.[2] Marquard & Bahls was founded in 1947[3] and has been a stock corporation under commercial law since 1992.[4] The Group has a presence in 36 countries around the world.[5] At the end of 2017, the company employed 7,727 people[1] (2016: 8,081).[6] In 2017, the company generated revenue of EUR 13.509 billion[1] (2016: EUR 11.546 billion).[6]

Business Areas[edit]

Headquarters of Marquard & Bahls, Koreastraße 7, Hafencity, Hamburg (2016)

Marquard & Bahls is organized as a holding company[7][4][8] and operates through its subsidiaries in several business areas:

  • Mabanaft is the trading division of Marquard & Bahls. Its business includes regional trading and wholesaling of petroleum products. The company also operates in the bunkering, service-station and heating oil retail businesses, as well as trading in liquid gas and biofuels. Its annual volume of sales is approximately 27.2 million tons (as at: June 2018).[9][10][11]
  • Oiltanking is one of the largest independent tank storage providers for petroleum products, chemicals and gases worldwide.[12] The company owns and operates 74 terminals in 24 countries with a total capacity of 20 million cubic meters (as at: January 2019). The total throughput of all tank terminals in 2017 was about 160 million tons.[13]
  • Skytanking provides a full range of aviation fuelling services.[14] The company services around 1.6 million aircraft a year, with annual throughput exceeding 18.1 million cubic metres of jet fuel (as at: January 2019).[15] Besides into-plane fuelling, its range of services also covers the operation of aviation fuel storage and hydrant systems, as well as the planning, financing and construction of these facilities.[16] Its customers include airlines, airports, and oil companies.[17][11] Skytanking is represented at 77 airports in 13 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa (as at: January 2019).[15]

In addition to these business areas, Marquard & Bahls has operations in the dry bulk handling, fuel analysis, and energy services sectors.[2]

Management and Governance[edit]

Since August 2018, Mark Garrett has served as CEO of the company, which is not listed on the stock exchange.[18][19] Hellmuth Weisser was Chairman of the supervisory board from 2003 to February 2017. His successor is Daniel Weisser.[20]


Theodor Weisser established the business in 1947 by purchasing Marquard & Bahls, a company that had traded in cereals and lubricants since its founding in 1913. At the time of the takeover, the company existed only as a shell.[21] Theodor Weisser began trading in heating oil and lubricants, and gradually expanded the business activities in the following years. In the mid-1950s, the company also entered the tank storage business,[22] and in the 1960s focused particularly on expanding its activities abroad. Its trading subsidiary Mabanaft played an important role in developing the spot market in Rotterdam.[23]

In 1972, the tank terminals owned by Marquard & Bahls were grouped into its Oiltanking subsidiary; this marked the beginning of the establishment of an independent provider of tank storage services. In the 1990s, a new service-station organization[24][7] was established,[25] which now does business under the OIL! brand. Beyond this, the company had been active in the sale of heating oil to end-consumers since the 1980s; these activities were bundled under the Petronord umbrella in 1996.[26] In 1999, Marquard & Bahls entered the aviation fuelling business,[27] and continually expanded this line of business, which operates as Skytanking, in the following years. Since 2002, Marquard & Bahls has also been active in the field of renewable energies. In addition to the biofuels trade, which is part of Mabanaft, this also includes biogas.[28] The Mabagas subsidiary realized biogas projects based on organic waste from 2008 to 2018.[29][30][31]

In 2008 and 2011, Marquard & Bahls acquired shares in Newsco companies through Oiltanking. In 2014, Marquard & Bahls achieved a majority shareholding in Newsco by acquiring further stakes.[32] In March 2017, the Group sold all of its shares in Newsco International Energy Services.[33] In May 2012, Oiltanking acquired United Bulk Terminals in the US.[34] This division has been directly allocated to Marquard & Bahls since the end of 2014.[35][11]


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