List of marquesses of Saluzzo

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The Marquisate of Saluzzo (in light green) in the context of late 15th century Italy.

The marquesses (also marquises or margraves) of Saluzzo were the medieval feudal rulers city of Saluzzo (Piedmont) and its countryside from 1175 to 1549. Originally counts, the family received in feudum the city from the margrave of Turin, Ulric Manfred. It passed to the margrave of Susa, of the del Vasto family of Savona, and, in 1175, it was raised to margravial status by the Emperor Frederick I. In 1549, it was annexed to France during the Italian Wars. It remained under French control until 1601, when it was ceded to the Duke of Savoy in exchange for Bresse and surrounding territories.

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