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Marquessate of Tweeddale
Coronet of a British Marquess.svg
Marquess of Tweeddale arms.svg
Arms of 1st to 10th Marquesses of Tweeddale
Creation date 1694
Monarch Charles I
Peerage Peerage of Scotland
Peerage of the United Kingdom (Baron Tweeddale)
First holder John Hay, 1st Marquess of Tweeddale
Present holder Charles Hay, 14th Marquess of Tweeddale
Heir presumptive Alistair James Montagu Hay
Subsidiary titles Earl of Tweeddale, Earl of Gifford, Viscount of Walden, Lord Hay of Yester, Baron Tweeddale
Former seat(s) Yester House
Arms of the Lord Hay of Yester

Marquess of Tweeddale (sometimes spelled Tweedale) is a title of the Peerage of Scotland, created in 1694 for the 2nd Earl of Tweeddale. Lord Tweeddale holds the subsidiary titles of Earl of Tweeddale (created 1646), Earl of Gifford (1694), Viscount of Walden (1694), Lord Hay of Yester (1488), and Baron Tweeddale, of Yester in the County of Haddington (1881), all but the last in the Peerage of Scotland.[1] As Baron Tweeddale in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, Lord Tweeddale sat between 1881 and 1963 in the House of Lords. The Marquess' eldest son uses Viscount Walden as a courtesy title.

Lord Tweeddale also holds the title of Hereditary Chamberlain of Dunfermline.[1]

The family seat was Yester House, near Gifford, East Lothian.

Lords Hay of Yester (1488)[edit]

Earls of Tweeddale (1646)[edit]

Marquesses of Tweeddale (1694)[edit]

The heir presumptive is the present holder's brother Lord Alistair James Montagu Hay, Master of Tweeddale (b. 1955).
The heir presumptive's heir presumptive is his half-brother Lord Andrew Arthur George Hay (b. 1959).
The heir presumptive's heir presumptive 's heir apparent is his son Angus David George Hay (b. 1991).


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