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The Marquette Journal
Editor-in-Chief Patrick Johnson
Categories Student magazines
Frequency Quarterly
Circulation 3000 per issue
Publisher Marquette University
Year founded 1904
Country USA
Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Language English

The Marquette Journal is an entirely student-produced magazine, run by the Student Media department of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Production of the Marquette Journal is advised by full-time faculty member Dr. Stephen Byers of the Journalism Department.


Published quarterly, the Journal highlights aspects of college student life not covered in the more hard news oriented Marquette Tribune newspaper. The focus of the magazine is on personal and special interest stories, and also has a strong emphasis on photography.


The Marquette Journal was first published in 1904, one of Marquette University's first student media outlets. During this time, one issue of the Journal was published per school year. In 1915, the Marquette Hilltop yearbook was first published, and the Journal transformed into a student literary magazine. The magazine was published for years in this format, but in the 1960s, the magazine began experimenting with publishing magazine feature articles along with the literary works of fiction that had previously dominated the Journal. In the decades that followed, the percentage of journalistic content versus the percentage of literary fiction changed from year to year, some years being almost completely literary and other years being almost completely feature writing. In the spring of 2006, the Journal staff began considering refocusing the Journal as a "student life magazine" entirely. The Journal replaced any literary content entirely with articles that related to Marquette's student body and the Milwaukee community as a whole. The Journal's format as a student life magazine became permanent in Fall of 2007, under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Erin Sheehan.


The official staff positions for the Marquette Journal have changed over the years in order to suit the needs of the organization. However, every year, one Editor-in-Chief is selected by the Diederich College of Communication Student Media Board. As of 2009, the official Journal staff is composed of an Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editor, Features Editor, Online Content Producer and Copy Chief. Also working on the Journal are a number of writers, copy editors, photographers and designers.


Years (Co-) Editor Co-Editor
2016-2017 Stephanie Harte
2015-2016 Matthew Kulling
2014-2015 A. Martina Ibáñez-Baldor
2013-2014 Rebecca French
2012-2013 Alexandra Engler
2011-2012 Jennifer Michalski
2010-2011 Patrick Johnson
2009–2010 Sara J. Martinez
2008–2009 Greg Shutters
2007–2008 Erin Sheehan
2006–2007 John Heiderscheidt
2005–2006 Emily Deimel
2001–2002 Michael Andreasen
2000–2001 Matthew T. Lachey
1999–2000 Timothy Bohus
1998–1999 Corissa Jansen Sheila Ahern
1996–1997 Laura J. De Capua
1994-1995 Colleen Carroll
1993-1994 Jim Lautenbach
1992–1993 Casey Beaumier
1991–1992 Lisa Sink
1990–1991 Carrie Morris Bebris
1989–1990 Kim Doyle
1988–1989 Lisa Holewa
1987–1988 Beth Hansen
1986–1987 Jeffrey Westhoff
1985–1986 Scott Weinberger
1984–1985 Joseph Kennebec
1983–1984 Mary Lynn Hendrickson Pat Foran
1982–1983 Mara L. Cichosz
1981–1982 Stephen Downes
1980–1981 Kathleen Murphy
1979–1980 John C. Barron
1977–1978 Shawn Sensiba Andy Kojeski
1976–1977 Dan McCandless
1974–1975 David Tomsyck
1973–1974 Mary Curran
1972–1973 Jackie Patterson
1971–1972 Chuck Danis
1970–1971 Stephen Chatburn
1969–1970 Jean Carney
1968–1969 Susan K. Hettler Mark X. Ryan
1967–1968 Joanne Ryder Kathleen Doyle
1966–1967 Gail Gleason
1965–1966 Margaret Farrell Christine Mehl
1964–1965 Jack Harms
1961–1962 Joseph Cannizzo Carol Kramer
1957–1958 Barbara J. Kienlen R. Douglas Albrecht
1956–1957 John Sullivan
1955–1956 Betty Turznik T.E. Blackburn
1954–1955 Margaret Mathews Thomas Connolly
1951–1952 Geraldine Lee Joseph Quinlan
1950–1951 James W. Arnold


Current status[edit]

The Marquette Journal has undergone another major redesign for the 2008-2009 academic year. The staff has also increased its yearly number of issues from three to four, making it a true quarterly publication, a status it had not had since the year 2000.

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