Marquis Xiaozi of Jin

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Marquis Xiaozi of Jin
Ruler of the State of Jin
Reign 708–705 BC
Predecessor Marquis Ai of Jin
Successor Min, Marquis of Jin
Died 705 BC
Father Marquis Ai of Jin

Marquis Xiaozi of Jin (simplified Chinese: 晋小子侯; traditional Chinese: 晉小子侯; pinyin: Jìn Xiǎozǐ Hóu), ancestral name Ji (姬), given name unknown, was the sixteenth ruler of the state of Jin. He was also the sixth ruler of Jin in the Spring and Autumn period. He reigned for four years.

In 705 BC, the fourth year of the reign of Marquis Xiaozi of Jin, Duke Wu of Quwo killed Marquis Xiaozi. King Huan of Zhou sent Guo Zhong (虢仲) to attack Duke Wu, and Duke Wu retreated to Quwo. King Huan of Zhou then installed Min, the uncle of Marquis Xiaozi, on the throne of Jin.

Marquis Xiaozi of Jin
Cadet branch of the House of Ji
Died: 705 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Marquis Ai of Jin
Marquis of Jin
708–705 BC
Succeeded by
Min, Marquis of Jin