Marquis Zhao of Jin

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Marquis Zhao of Jin
Ruler of the State of Jin
Reign 745–739 BC
Predecessor Marquis Wen of Jin
Successor Marquis Xiao of Jin
Died 739 BC
Father Marquis Wen of Jin

Marquis Zhao of Jin (simplified Chinese: 晋昭侯; traditional Chinese: 晉昭侯; pinyin: Jìn Zhāo Hóu), ancestral name Ji (姬), given name Bo (伯), was the twelfth ruler of the state of Jin. He was also the second ruler of Jin in the Spring and Autumn period.

In 745 BC, the first year of his reign, he gave the land called Quwo, modern Quwo County in Shanxi, to his uncle, Chengshi. This is considered as when Jin split into two, the two being Jin and Quwo. Chengshi was later known as Huan Shu of Quwo.

In 739 BC, the 7th year of his reign, a Jin official named Panfu (潘父) murdered Marquis Zhao of Jin and welcomed Huan Shu of Quwo to ascended the throne of Jin. He accepted Panfu's welcome and entered Jin. When he entered, the Jin people brought troops to stop him from entering. He lost and retreated back to Quwo. Then, the Jin people asked the son of Marquis Zhao of Jin, Ping, to ascend the throne and he became the next marquis: Marquis Xiao of Jin.

Marquis Zhao of Jin
Cadet branch of the House of Ji
Died: 739 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Marquis Wen of Jin
Marquis of Jin
745–739 BC
Succeeded by
Marquis Xiao of Jin