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The Coat of Arms of the Marquis of Torres Novas.

The title Marquis of Torres Novas (in Portuguese Marquês de Torres Novas) was created by royal decree, dated from 27 March 1520, by King Manuel I of Portugal, to Dom John of Lencastre (1501–1571), eldest son of Infante George, Duke of Coimbra.

In 1535 the new King, John III, granted him the new title of Duke of Aveiro and, from then on, the title of Marquis of Torres Novas was allocated to the Duke of Aveiro’s heir.

List of the Marquesses of Torres Novas[edit]

  1. John of Lencastre (1501–1571), son of Infante George, Duke of Coimbra (therefore grandson of King John II of Portugal). Later he became the 1st Duke of Aveiro;
  2. George of Lencastre (1548–1578), his son, became 2nd Duke of Aveiro;
  3. George of Lencastre (1594–1634), his grandson, became 1st Duke of Torres Novas;
  4. Raimundo of Lencastre (1620–1666), his son, became 2nd Duke of Torres Novas and 4th Duke of Aveiro;
  5. Peter of Lencastre, 5th Duke of Aveiro (1608–1673), also Archbishop of Évora, died without issue;
  6. Gabriel of Lencastre, 7th Duke of Aveiro (1667–1745), died without issue.

Genealogical summary[edit]

                           John I<------------->Philippa of Lencastre
                         (1357-1433)     |          (1360-1415)
                      King of Portugal   |       Princess of England
                                      Duarte I
                                   King of Portugal
                           |                           |
                        Afonso V               Infante Fernando
                       (1432-1481)               (1433-1470)
                     King of Portugal          1st.Duke of Beja
                           |                   2nd.Duke of Viseu
                           |                   ________|________
                           |                   |               |
Ana de Mendonça==========John II<------->Leonor of Viseu     Manuel I
                   :   (1455-1495)    |   (1458-1525)      (1469-1521)
                   : King of Portugal |                  King of Portugal
                   :                  |                        |
                   :                  |                        |
          George of Lencastre      Afonso                      |
             (1481-1550)         (1475-1491)                   |
          2nd.Duke of Coimbra    Crown Prince                  |
                   |                                           |
                   |                                           |
           JOHN of LENCASTRE                         Royal House of Portugal
             (1501-1571)                               House of Braganza
     1st.Marquis of Torres Novas                               :                                                  
          1st.Duke of Aveiro                                   :                                                  
                   |                                           :                                                  
                   |                                           :                                                   
            Dukes of Aveiro                                    :                                                  
                   |                                           :                                                  
     |                             |                   |                                                         
 Marquises of Torres Novas    Counts of Alcáçovas   Counts of Aveiro

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