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The Marr Auto Car was an automobile built in Elgin, Illinois by the Marr Auto Car Company from 1903 to 1904. The Marr was a two-seat runabout with a single-cylinder 1.7L engine that was mounted under the seat. The engine is one of the first known to have featured an overhead camshaft (OHC).[1][2] The vehicle had the first tilt steering wheel, changeable speed gears on a planetary transmission and a revolutionary new carburetor. Unfortunately the plant burnt to the ground in August 1904 with 14 cars inside. Only one Marr Auto Car exists today.

The car was designed by early automobile pioneer Walter L. Marr who had worked as an engine designer for Buick in 1901 and went on to be Chief Engineer there from 1904 to 1918.

Automotive historians credit Marr and his advanced designs with the early success of Buick which was the foundation for General Motors.


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