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A marriage market can refer to a public place where parents list advertisements for their children with the aim of finding a marital spouse for them.[1] People then congregate there and read the listings, often in the hope of finding a marital match.[2] Several marriage markets exist in China, such as Shanghai's marriage market at People's Square[2][3] and at several parks and other public places in Beijing, such as shopping malls.[1]

Finding a Match is easier than finding a Parking Space, Chennai, India

A marriage market can also refer to the use of marriage brokers[4] and marriage bureaus[5] that are involved in matchmaking to unite people in marriage.[4] In October 2011, marriage markets in India involving the use of brokers was estimated to be a $250 billion (Indian Rupee) industry.[6] Marriage markets using brokers exists in New Delhi, India[4] and in several other regions of India.

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