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MarsDrive Logo.JPG
Founded 2005
Focus Space Advocacy
Area served
Products Mars mission designs, Science Competitions, Space business proposals
Key people
  • Frank Stratford, founder and CEO
  • David Gooding, Director of Engineering
  • Joshua Gigantino, V.P U.S. Operations
  • Randall Shelaga Canadian Director
  • Darren Oliveiro-Priestnall, European Director & Systems Administrator
  • Jason Archer, Visual Media Production Specialist

MarsDrive, was founded in 2005 as an international organization with a worldwide membership and branches across North America, Europe and Australasia.[1] MarsDrive's goal is to promote a private spaceflight human mission to Mars and to involve the public, directly and actively, in the settlement and exploration of space.

In their updated mission statement MarsDrive states that their mission is to "inspire people everywhere to the benefits of Mars and to help ensure cheap space access becomes a reality in our time" and this is clarified in their 3 point mission statement breakdown: "To drive forward investment in and support for private humans to Mars programs, to advocate for and support private and government space programs and to support incremental steps to achieve cheap space access". This mission statement change was made in recognition that without cheap space access Mars could not be viably settled, nor wider space activities supported at current extreme high transportation costs.

MarsDrive has evolved into a think tank for space projects and is currently working at two major projects: Ongoing mission designs and funding plans [2] for humans to Mars and the organization of the Mars Expo for 2013 [3]. MarsDrive outreach projects include ongoing articles in The Space Review, an active and growing portal in Facebook, a presence in Second Life [4] and MySpace [5], and one of the world's largest Mars Twitter followings.

The MarsDrive initiative has been continually active across a broad range of areas within the space community from involvement in and promotions at space conferences, online research organization and participation in several projects. Its first Mars mission design was the "Mars for Less" design reference mission plan, by Grant Bonin. Mars for Less was peer reviewed in such publications as the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society[2] and The Space Review.[3] The plan was also presented at the 2006 International Space Development Conference[4] in Los Angeles.

Specifically members attend and present at various conferences such as ISDC[5] or the annual Mars Society Conferences. Members also engage in public outreach, presenting the benefits and motivations for going to Mars to the general public, companies and the government sector.

The organization's Chief Executive, Frank Stratford, was also Director of Operations within the Australasian team and as of April 2013 had committed resources outside MarsDrive to starting up a new for profit space company called Ares Technology Corporation[6] with the chief aim of settling humans on Mars. Joshua Gigantino heads up US operations. Randall Shelaga manages events and activities throughout Canada.

MarsDrive has also been promoting the concept of a "Mars Consortium" to bring together private and government sectors to enable a humans to Mars program and plan to hold their first round table dialogue conference for this purpose at their Mars Expo in 2013. MarsDrive has partnered with several Mars and space groups over the years including The Planetary Society, The Mars Society, The Moon Society, The Mars Foundation and more recently have combined efforts with a new Mars organization titled "The Mars Initiative". MarsDrive promotes a message of personal responsibility for a human future in space.

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