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Not to be confused with Marz (rapper).
Mars Masked Gun.jpg
Mars publicity photo from 2002
Background information
Birth name Mario Raphael Delgado[1]
Also known as West Craven, Stinky The Rapist, Count Slapula, Marsellus Wallace, The Zodiac
Born (1980-04-18) April 18, 1980 (age 35)
Antioch, California,[2]USA
Origin Pittsburg, California[3]
Genres Hip hop, horrorcore
Occupation(s) rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, actor
Years active 1997-present
Labels Mad Insanity Records, Rest In Peace Records, Apartment 3 / DNA Entertainment, Black Market Records. Empire Distribution
Associated acts Kung Fu Vampire, Ganksta N-I-P, Insane Clown Posse, J RZ Tha Antichrist,

Mario Raphael Delgado (born April 18, 1980), better known by his stage name Mars, is a Mexican American rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, photographer, and actor from the San Francisco Bay Area city of Pittsburg, California [1][4] that often performs with a Hannibal Lecter style mask.[5] He specializes in horrorcore music.


Delgado began his rap career in 1997 with childhood friend J RZ who formed Mad Insanity Records to release their basement style tapes to a circle of friends locally. His stage name "Mars" was a nickname he had been called by classmates as a short version of his name Mario.

In 1998 he released his first unofficial project S.I.D.S. on homemade cassettes and CD-Rs. Topics included rape, suicide, murder, and abortion. The tape is now considered a collectors item by fans.[6]

On Sunday May 9, 1999 J RZ and Mars along with several members of the Mad Insanity Records roster and crew were involved in a fight with Detroit rapper Eminem and Proof at The Fillmore in San Francisco during Eminem's performance on his first headlining "Slim Shady" tour.[7] The incident was published in several notable hip-hop blogs as well as Bay Area newspapers allowing Mad Insanity Records to gain a regional buzz.

In 2001 Mars signed with Black Market Records and helped found Rest In Peace Records with Rod and Anthony Singleton. That same years Mars helped sign horrorcore pioneer Ganxsta NIP and released the Houston, Texas artist's album The Return Of The Psychopath in stores nationwide and headed the publicity and marketing as project manager for the album. When Black Market CEO Cedric Singleton observed the success Mars achieved with the project management of Ganxsta NIP, he was assigned to oversee the latest album from convicted cannibal rap artist Big Lurch entitled "All Bad". The Rest In Peace moniker was short lived due in part for Mars requesting his release from the label to push his own brand Mad Insanity Records.

2005 Mars released his debut album Mars Attacks with online stores selling out of copies its first day, two weeks before his release date on pre-orders alone. Later that year, he received national attention when fan Jeff Weise frequented Mars' website and forum before killing nine people.[8] Mars has stated on his website there was no link to Jeff whatsoever other than the suspect being a rabid fan of his music. Due to media attention and high buzz he gained the attention of hip-hop distribution label Beyond Spaced Entertainment and re-released "Mars Attacks" to stores both national and internationally.[9]

That same year Mars was used as the model of a character in a movie based on a novel by Robert Crais. Hostage was adapted for the screen by Doug Richardson with the Mars influenced role played by Ben Foster.[10]

On the August 19, 2008 Psychopathic Records and sub-label Hatchet House released their "Tunnel Runners" compilation featuring material from underground rappers and groups not signed to their roster.[11] The compilation went on to hit the Top 25 rap albums on Billboard its first week. After the Mars track "They Watchin Me" featuring Mike Marshall became widely known as the most popular on the project, Violent J of the group Insane Clown Posse invited Mars to perform on Psychopathic Records "Shock Therapy Tour" alongside Anybody Killa, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, Axe Murder Boyz & J Reno. After Boondox experienced medical issues from a prior surgery, Mars replaced the artist on Insane Clown Posse's 2008 Hallowicked Clown Tour.[12]

In 2009 soon after the release of his album School House Glock: Extra credit, a project that blatantly poked fun at his previous controversy, Mars received international attention once again when it was learned that Mars' music was an influence on the music of horrorcore fan Richard Sam McCroskey, who allegedly killed four people.[1] McCroskey's MySpace page listed Mars as his favorite rapper, and Mars told law enforcement he had seen and signed autographs for McCroskey at various events before the murders.[13] From these events, he has been interviewed by several TV news outlets around the United States including CBS News, Fox News, ABC News, and CNN.[14][15][16]

Mars releases his music on Mad Insanity Records, including his most recent The Zodiac Mixtape Limited Edition (LP) on March 20, 2012. On June 17, 2014 his entire discography was released on digital outlets through Empire Distribution including new singles Hold On, Hurt Em, and Overnight Change. [17] After almost a year away from the music business he is set to release his "Creatures Of The Night" single featuring Twiztid and Tech N9ne sometime in fall of 2015.


  • March 21, 2005 16-year-old Jeffrey Weise killed his grandfather (a tribal police officer) and his grandfather's girlfriend at their home. After taking his grandfather's police weapons and vest, Weise drove his grandfather's police vehicle to Red Lake Senior High School, where he had been a student some months before. Weise shot and killed seven people at the school, and wounded five others. The dead included an unarmed security guard at the entrance of the school, then a teacher and five students. After the police arrived, Weise exchanged gunfire with them. He was wounded and then committed suicide in a vacant classroom. Jeff Weise was a fixture on the Official Mars Website and was reported by family members and friends to be an obsessed fan of horrorcore music. Mars appeared on various media outlets including CBS's WCCO in Minnesota to defend his lyrics denying any connection between entertainment and reality.
  • April 2005 17-year-old Rowlette, Texas student David Crisp was expelled from school for threatening to kill another student and shoot up his school. Officials later became concerned when they found lyrics, printed pictures, and CD's by horrorcore rap artist Mars in his possession. Crisp defended his musical taste on several media outlets, including a segment on WBAP News / Talk 820 with host Scott Crowder. Mars later spoke to the radio host indicating the teen's right to listen to whatever his parents allow.
  • September 17, 2009 days after attending a horrorcore concert Richard Samuel McCroskey was charged in the quadruple bludgeoning homicide of Mark Neiderbrock, his estranged wife Debra S. Kelley, their daughter Emma Neiderbrock and her friend Melanie Wells. McCroskey who was an aspiring horrorcore artist who imitated Mars, often posted under LilDemonDog on the official Mars message board and often attended shows and other events in the Bay Area Mars appeared at. Mars appeared on Fox News, McCroskey was convicted of the murders and sentenced to life in prison. He is serving his sentence at Red Onion State Prison in Pound, Virginia.
  • April 5, 2012 22-year-old Christopher Joseph "CJ" Dluehosh shot and killed 34-year-old Rachel Rodriguez at a Denny's in Carlsbad, New Mexico, Thursday morning before turning the gun on himself. He died 2 days later. Dluehosh was a fan, and a regular poster on the official Mars messageboard on The Siccness Network. He donned a Mad Insanity Records logo tattooed on his left forearm.
  • September 24, 2012, 2 months after being billed as the opening act of Mars' "Keep it Reel" tour under the name "Wicked Wayz" rapper Daniel Barlett, also known as Devil Boy, along with his cousin Michael Anthony Mckeehan were charged in the murder of former group member Chad "Creepy Face" Ford. McKeehan, 27, pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree murder of Ford, criminal discharge of a firearm at an occupied vehicle and two counts of aggravated assault. Mars has refused on several occasions to comment on the situation. Daniel Bartlett is currently awaiting trial.

Business Ventures[edit]

Mad Insanity Records

In 1997 Mars' childhood friend Jason Gamino who performs under the name J RZ Tha Antichrist established Mindless Ignorance Records. The label was changed to Mad Insanity Records after it was found to be too similar to that of rapper Sugafist's label's name, still keeping the MIR insignia. Over the years Mars took control of the company and Mad Insanity Records went on to sign artists to CD and merchandise deals including Q Strange, Mastamind, and Ganxsta NIP. In 2008 Mad Insanity Records signed Kung Fu Vampire after Mars and KFV along with his current band lineup toured together on the Murder After Midnight tour. In 2013 the label signed Montana artist Koshir. In 2013 Mad Insanity Records signed former Reel Life Productions artist Daniel Jordan, San Jose artist Mr. Grey.

Global Gold Graphix

Mars was hired as photographer an senior art director for Xplosive Magazine. He credited his graphic work under Ghetto Gold Graphics and his photography work under the name Always Flashin' Photography. In 2011 he teamed up with longtime friend Jessica Renee and changed the name to Global Gold Graphix to establish a wider array of clientele and absorbing Always Flashin' Photography moniker. The company offers graphic design, photography, and video services. The firm has established themselves as one of the leading visual services in alternative hip-hop circles and has supplied artwork, photography and video production for labels like Strange Music and Psychopathic Records as well as an assortment of highly established recording artists and companies.

Red Planet Enterprises

In 2005 Mars established Red Planet Entertainment as an umbrella company for his current and future business ventures. The name was later changed to Red Planet Enterprises after it was discovered Red Planet Entertainment was already taken by a successful media company.

Juggalo News

In 2011 Red Planet Enterprises acquired Juggalo News, one of the most popular and longest running websites covering the horrorcore genre and similar markets after the brand was set to close its doors. Productivity tripled and website visits increased by 300% within the first three months. Delgado launched a monthly "Juggalette of The Month" articles on the blog and introduced his then girlfriend Jessica Larson who he started managing until 2014. The website was sold in 2015 for a profit to former True Juggalo Family staff member Hazin who now runs the website.

Kill Musick

In 2012 Red Planet Enterprises acquired small but semi-popular horrorcore website Kill Musick. The brand is currently in its re-development stages.

5 Star Booking

In 2013 Mars helped establish a booking agency under the name 5 Star Booking whose main focus is to book and manage national tours for hip-hop artists. That same year 5 Star Booking booked the Mars & Irv Da Phenom Raw Energy tour, as well as Psychopathic Records artist DJ Clay's Scratch The Surface tour. In 2014 5 Star added Donnie Polinske as a business partner and head booking agent. In 2014 5 Star booked Mars and Irv Da PHENOM! "Raw Energy" tour.

Personal life[edit]

Mars was born in Antioch, California, and raised throughout East Contra Costa County primarily in the city of Pittsburg. He attended Liberty High School, as well as Pittsburg Adult Education before dropping out of his regular curriculum and enrolling in various college courses including photography, marketing & communication, and publication design. He has two daughters, Valentina Delgado (born in 1999) and Angel Slatten (born in 2003) along with one son Gavin Mario Delgado (born in 2007) who has appeared in promotional videos, press, and music videos alongside his father including the Kung Fu Vampire music video for "Love Bites". Mars currently resides in Northern California and was recently romantically linked to[18] calendar model, and popular bikini barista Jessica Larson.[19] before splitting in 2014.


Studio Albums
  • S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) (LP) (1998)
  • The Zodiac Mixtape Limited Edition (LP) (2012)
  • Mars Attacks (EP) (2006)
  • School House Glock (EP) (2008)
  • "Mistreat" (1998)
  • "Rise To Power" (2000) (with Mad Insanity)
  • "Slaughterhouse" (2001) (with Mad Insanity)
  • "I Can't Hate" (2005)
  • "Stinky the Rapist" (2009) (with Mad Insanity)
  • "Hurt 'Em " (2012)
  • "A Different Tune" (2013)
  • "Overnight Change" (2013)
  • "Hold On" (2014)
  • DLK Enterprise Presents: Mars, V-town, Telly Mac - "I'm Taken Yo Life" (2014)
  • S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Limited Puzzle Edition (LP) (1998)
  • Mars Attacks Limited Edition (EP) (2005)
  • School House Glock: Extra Credit (LP) (2009)
  • "Son Of 100 Maniacs" (2001) (with Mad Insanity)
  • Red Beam (Maxi Single) (2002)
  • Some Girls Deserve To Die (LP) (2004)
  • West Coast Pimpin (feat Mike Marshall, Mac Dre, Spice 1, Celly Cell, Keak Da Sneak, B-Legit, Zoe Tha Roasta, Mr. Goodbar, Conscious Daughters, and Dubee) (Single) (2007)
  • "Hunted (feat Hopsin)" (2008) (with Mad Insanity)
  • Mars & The DRP From Frisco To Wisco: Women And Children First (LP) (2012)

Guest Appearances and Compilations[edit]

  • J RZ Tha Antichrist - Souled Out (LP) "Mad Insanes (feat Mars)" & "Rizzarection (feat Mars)" (1999)
  • Various Artists - Hell Town (LP) Mad Insanity - "Head Trip" (2001)
  • Cap One Of Simken Heights - Parafanalia (LP) "Kill The Priest (feat Mad Insanity)" (2001)
  • Various Artists - Dark Scriptures Chapter 1 (LP) Mars - "Hate On My Mind" (2002)
  • Various Artist - Wicked 4 Eva Volume 1 (LP) Mars - "In The Bay" (2002)
  • Realistikk - Secular Stress (LP) "Real Lies (feat Mars)" (2002)
  • Various Artists - Tha Backwoodz (LP) "How Thugz Be (feat KC, Swoop, and Mars)" (2003)
  • Various Artists - Devilz Night 2003 (LP) Mars - "Halloween Night (feat Menacide)" (2003)
  • Various Artists - 7 Deadly Sins: The First Demonstration (LP) Mars - "Untouchable" (2003)
  • Menacide - Knuckle Up (LP) "Game Phonics (feat Mars)" (2003)
  • Various Artists - Live Wolf Evil Flow (LP) Mars - "How We Do It" (2004)
  • McNastee - Bootlegging My Own Shit (LP) "Blood Money (feat Mars)" (2004)
  • Heavy Hittaz - The Mixtape Vol. 1: Spring Training (LP) "3 The Hard Way (feat Mars, 2oni Fayce, Mr. D-Str8, and McNastee)" (2004)
  • Simken Heights - Eternal Flame: The Simken Heights Anthology (Box Set) "Kill The Priest (feat Mad Insanity)" (2004)
  • Various Artists Devilz Night (LP) Mars - "Just Wanna Fuck (feat Menacide)" (2004)
  • Menacide - Knuckle Up: Limited Collectors Edition (LP) "Game Phonics (feat Mars)" (2004)
  • Brain Trauma - Budd Dwyer Effect (LP) "Mob Shit (feat Mars)" (2004)
  • ADR Lavey - Leviathans Creation (LP) "No Hope (feat Mars)" (2005)
  • Various Artists - Illusion Camp: The Mixtape (LP) Mars - "Going Back To County" (2005)
  • Mastacraft - Pussy Trap (Single) "Pussy Trap (feat Mars)" (2005)
  • B-Cide - The Self Proclaimed King (LP) "The Media (feat Mars") (2006)
  • Arsenal - The Next Best Thing (LP) "Second Time Around (feat Mars & Spice 1)" (2006)
  • Ignited - Through The Flames Of My Soul (LP) "Pluggin Yo Chest (Feat Mars) (2007)
  • Juvie-D - RepMuhCity Sampler (EP) "Desperado (Feat Mars)" (2007)
  • Various Artists - Evil Is... Vol Two (LP) "Self Autopsy (feat Mars, Malice, ADR Lavey, T. Spoon)" (2007)
  • 1812 Records - It' A Lifestyle (LP) "City To City (feat Mars)" (2007)
  • McNastee - Great Plains Drifter (LP) "Underaged (feat Mars & Murda 1)" (2008)
  • The DRP - Underground Kills Corporate (LP) "Kill Em All (feat Mars)" (2008)
  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 5 (LP) Zetti - "Bow Down (feat Mars)" (2008)
  • KidCrusher - Metal Murder Mixtape (LP) "Crywolf Creek (feat Mars)" (2008)
  • Various Artists - Tunnel Runners (LP) Mars - "They Watchin Me (feat Michael Marshall)" (2008)
  • Backwoods Butcher - Death is Certain (LP) "It Doesn't Matter (feat Mars)" (2008)
  • Project Born - Born Dead 2 (LP) "Get Ya Wicked On (feat Mars & B-Cide)" (2008)
  • Bob E. Nite - Dead & Dead3r "Something Freaky (Feat Mars)" (2009)
  • Brain Trauma - Brainwashed (LP) "Decapitate (feat Mars)" (2009)
  • DC Sniper - Revenge (LP) "Kop Killaz (feat Mars)" (2009)
  • SIK MOB - Outbreak Mixtape (LP) "Wanna Be A Baller (Remix) (feat Mars)" (2009)
  • The Dons - The Dons Mixtape Volume 2 (LP) "Dead Body Queen (feat Mars)" (2009)
  • Grewsum - Grass Roots Volume 3 (LP) "You Can Do It (feat Mars, J Reno, and McNastee)" (2009)
  • The Jaxter - The W Town Psychopath (LP) "Psychopath (feat ADR Lavey, C.O.S., and Mars)" (2009)
  • Outbreak Monkey The Residence Of Evil (Extended Cut) (EP) "Intro the Crypt (feat Mars)", "My Christine (feat Mars)", "Until Next Time (feat Mars)" (2009)
  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 13 (LP) Hosted by Mars - Malaki Macabre - "Time's Up (Jason Porter remix) (feat Mars)" (2009)
  • Various Artists - Devilz Night 2009 (LP) Mad Insanity - "Halloween Night (feat Lee Lee)" (2009)
  • Bogus Trizzy - Temporary Insanity (LP) "The Line (feat Mars & Delusional)" (2009)
  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 17 (LP) Instant Legend - "Man Eater (feat Mars)" (2009)
  • Trips - Tripstape Volume 2 (LP) "Music For The (feat Mars, Mad Maxxx, Renigade, Grewsum, Trouble, and Big Uno)" (2009)
  • Various Artists - Presidents Of The Wicked Underground Volume 1 (LP) "Sociopaths Are Walking The Streets (feat Mars, Jason Porter, and Intrinzik)" (2009)
  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 19 (LP) "We Gone Mob (feat Mars & J RZ)" (2010)
  • Various Artists - Presidents Of The Wicked Underground Volume 2 (LP) "The Assassination (feat Mars, Trips, Saint Sinna, and Badluck)" (2010)
  • Snypa Da Prophet - One Helluva Ride: The Mixtape (LP) "One Helluva Ride (feat Mars)" & "4rm Frisco --> Chi-Town (feat Mars)" (2010)
  • SIK MOB - Cheese & Krakers Vol. 1 (LP) "Crossgame (feat Mars)" (2010)
  • VD - Red Bumps (LP) "Sick Thoughts (feat Mars)" (2010)
  • Various Artists - Underground Music Minute: Tha Mixtape Vol. 2 (LP) Fredo The Hack - "Wicked Weed (feat Mars) (2010)
  • Corpse Circus - Welcome to the Corpse Circus (LP) "Slaughter the Audience (feat Mars)" (2010)
  • Various Artists - HTR 3rd Annual Blazed & Confused Soundtrack (LP) Mars - "On The Creep" (2010)
  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 24 (LP) C Danger "Everyday Homicide (feat Mars)" (2010)
  • Big Rela - Tha Scumbag Original: Gospel of Rela "Serial Killa (feat Mars, J Reno, Kung Fu Vampire, Grewsum, and Vice Gripp)" (2010)
  • Mista Creepz - Sacred (LP) "Yesterday (feat Mars)" (2010)
  • Various Artists - 7 Deadly Sins 2: The Resurrection (LP) $woop - "Dangerous (feat Mars) (2010)
  • Ninja Newman - Customer Service (LP) "Skrape (feat Mars & The Monstrosities)" (2010)
  • Outbreak Monkey - Collabine (LP) "Paranoia (feat Mars)" (2010)
  • Various Artists - Hytown Sicmix 6: Rep Ur Shyt (LP) "Get The Shovel (feat Infinitti & Mars)" (2010)
  • Necro Massacre - All We Got (Single) "All We Got (feat Mars, Shock, and High-C) (2010)
  • Rokgod (Poe Whosaine & Mastamind - Mortifikation Vol 2 (LP) "Wicked In The Club (feat Mars)" (2010)
  • Dark Half - Chapterz (LP) "Body Funk (feat Mars)" (2010)
  • Richard Gein - Killin Sluts (LP) "Mars Skit" (2010)
  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 29 (LP) "Preditor (feat Q Strange, J Reno, Mars, Insane Poetry, McNastee, and Intrinzik)" (2011)
  • Various Artists - Worse Than Hell 2: When Hell Freezes Over (LP) A-Ron Tha Don - "Turn It Up (feat Mars & Mutilator of The Brew)" (2011)
  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 33 (LP) C Danger "Put In A Box (feat Mars)" (2011)
  • Lockdown - The Amadeeville Horror (LP) "Go Psycho (feat Mars)" (2011)
  • Ruthless Unda Ground (R.U.G.) - Necropolis (LP) "Run From This (feat Mars)" (2011)
  • Savzilla - The Beast Within (LP) "Dirtbag (feat Mars)" (2011)
  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 36 (LP) C Danger "I See Danger (feat Mars & Intrinzik)" (2011)
  • Whitney Peyton - No Holds Barred (LP) "K.O. (feat Grewsum, Mars)" (2011)
  • Various Artists - Demon Days & Devil's Night (LP) Mars - "Leave You" (2011)
  • Stitch Mouth - AKA Roll Model (LP) "Role Models (feat Mars)" (2011)
  • J Reno - The Killection Tape (LP) "On The Brink (feat Shoestring of the Dayton Family, Mars, and Grewsum)" (2012)
  • Draztik - Psychopathic Monster (Single) "Psychopathic Monster" (feat Mars & TONE-Z)" (2012)
  • Vice Gripp - The Recipe For Disaster (LP) "Respect This (feat Mars)" (2012)
  • Leaders Of The Lost - Verbal Torture (EP) "Enemy Of The State (feat Mars)" (2012)
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  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 42 (LP) "Mars - Smile 4 Me" & "Capitol C - Put In A Box (feat Mars)" (2012)
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  • 2 Face - Krunk 'N' Stein (LP) Dog Will Hunt (feat Mars)" (2012)
  • Troll & Cycotic - Hostile Takeover (LP) - "Blood Lust (feat Mars)" (2012)
  • Intrinzik - Nuthin' But Hustle (LP) "I See Danger (feat Mars)" (2012)
  • Die4Me - Would You Die4Me (LP) "Hey Pig (feat Mars)" (2012)
  • Lil Maniac - Gudda Boy (LP) "No Face No Chase No Trace (feat Mars and Demonik Tha Butcher)" (2012)
  • Isolated Beingz - Wicked Revival (LP) "R-T-B (feat Mars)" (2013)
  • Various Artists - Underground Hustlin Vol 44 (LP) Outbreak Monkey "Pig Roast (feat Mars & Boondox)" & Nino White "Death Race (feat Mars)" (2013)
  • Majik Duce - The Lost Years (EP) "2012 (feat Mars)" (2013)
  • Cycotic - Mental Illness (LP) "Slave To These Ways (feat Mars)" (2013)
  • Young Murdoc - Kali Kush Mixtape Vol. 2 (LP) "Fuck Them Fuck You (Feat Mars)" (2013)
  • Riddlez Da Klown - 2 Tha Grave (LP) "Something Inside Of Me (feat Mars and Lmaze)" (2013)
  • Enasnimi - I Got Ya Back (LP) "Going Crazy (feat Mars)" (2013)
  • Koshir - Ugly (LP) "Fix Yo Snatch (feat Mars)" (2013)
  • Wolfpac - Square Peg Round Hole (LP) "Get Your Hands Up (feat Mars, Kung Fu Vampire & Defekt)" (2013)
  • Various Artists - The Best Of Datpiff's Smokers Club Volume 3 (LP) - Fredo The Hack - "Wicked Weed (feat Mars)" (2013)
  • Bloodstepp - "Bass And Bubblegum" (LP) "Underground All Stars (The Anthem) (feat King Gordy, The Jokerr, Lo Key, Mister K.A, T.O.N.E-Z, Molly Gruesome, Playboy The Beast, Mars, Razakel, Tre lb, Axe Murder Boyz, Grewsum, Mastamind, Insane Poetry, Basick, Spice 1, and KidCrusher)" (2013)
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  • Infekted Dead Beatz / 604 Click / Bloodstepp - Psych Ward (Single) "Psych Ward (feat D.B.O.I. , Nekro G , Narcodix , Cannibal Jester , Kannibal Karne , Vicious 5150, Hoodu, RcThaHazard, Proven Effectiv, Mista Mead, Freakshow, Solo Cortez, The Ghost, Fisty Cuffs, I.Z.K., 666DLA999, Sinizter, Mawnster, Hazmat F.T.G., Mars, and Roach Joka)" (2014)
  • Swag Toof - Evans Gate (EP) "Murda Part 1 (feat Mars)" (2014)

Acting & Videography[edit]

  • Starbucks "Battle Of The Bean" (Lead) (Commercial) (2002)
  • Jaxter - "Trapped In A 40 Bottle" (Cameo) (Music Video) (2007)
  • Apartment 3 / DNA Entertainment - Mobb Legacy (DVD Release) (2010)
  • Hy-Town Records - 3rd Annual Blazed & Confused (DVD Release) (2010)
  • The DRP - "Kill Em All (feat Mars)" (Music Video) (2010)
  • Mastamind & Skitzo - "Doublehead Everythang" (Cameo) (Music Video) (2012)
  • C-Danger - "I See Danger (feat Mars & Intrinzik) (2012)
  • Kung Fu Vampire - "Love Bites" (Cameo) (Music Video) (2013)
  • DJ Clay - "Pen & Paper" (Cameo) (Music Video) (2013)
  • Serial Stalkerz (feat C Danger, Mars, THC, Insane Loc, Docta Mann, D Craze, Cloud 9, Thommy Nekro, and Jay the Ripper) (Music Video) (2014)
  • Stitch Mouth "Ima Live Bomb" (Cameo) (Music Video) (2014)
  • Pyro - 911 (feat Mars) (Music Video) (2014)
  • Psyco Sick Asylum "Everyones Mad At Me (feat Mars)" (Music Video) (2014)


  • Mars - Through Hell And Back Tour (Headlining Act) (2007)
  • Psychopathic - Shock Therapy Tour (Opening Act) (2008)
  • Insane Clown Posse - Hallowicked Tour (Opening Act) (2008)
  • Mars - The Gat To School Tour (Headlining Act) (2009)
  • Esham - A Hellava Night Tour (Opening Act) (2009)
  • Murder After Midnight Tour (Co-Headlining Act) (2009)
  • Mars - Domestic Violence Tour (Headlining Act) (2010)
  • Twiztid - Slaugtherhouse Tour (with Kung Fu Vampire) (Opening Act) (2010)
  • D.G.A.F. - Wild In The Streets Tour (Opening Act) (2010)
  • Kung Fu Vampire - Dead 4 Life Tour (Opening Act) (2010)
  • Mars & Psycho Jesus - Gospel Of The Grave Tour (Co-Headlining Act) (2011)
  • Boondox - Low Down 'N Dirty Tour (Opening Act) (2011-2012)
  • Mars - Zodiac Tour (Headlining Act) (2012)
  • Mars & Mastamind - Keep It Reel Tour (Co-Headlining Act) (2012)
  • Kung Fu Vampire - Love Bites Tour (Opening Act) (2012)
  • Mars & Irv Da Phenom - Raw Energy Tour (Co-Headlining Act) (2013)
  • DJ Clay - Scratch The Surface Tour (Opening Act) (2013)
  • Mars & Irv Da Phenom - Raw Energy 2 Tour (Co-Headlining Act) (2014)


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