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Street-level sign for Mars 2112 near Times Square

Mars 2112 (pronounced "Mars twenty-one twelve") was one of many tourist-targeted restaurants in the Times Square district of New York City, based on future space travel and accommodations. At 33,000 sq ft (3,100 m2), it was the largest such themed restaurant when it opened in November 1998.[1] Businessmen and founders Paschal M. Phelan and Simon Deith claimed at its opening. "'It's the fusion of fun and good food and fantasy."[1]

Flying saucer

The restaurant was situated on a sunken courtyard in front of the Paramount Plaza building at Broadway and 51st Street. A UFO-like craft took patrons to the dining tier, where the "Mars Bar" and "Space Arcade" were also located. Perhaps the most notable feature was Crystal Crater, which served as the dining area. It was three stories high, and decorated to match a possible Mars underground landscape. Waiters dressed in futuristic costumes, and food and drink items had space-themed names. After dining, patrons passed through two doorways where a "teleporter" took them back to the main floor and the gift shop. The restaurant closed in January 2012.[2] The restaurant was auctioned off by Eliot B. Millman and Michael Amodeo auction companies.

A Mars 2112 restaurant opened in Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL on October 3, 2000.[3] It closed temporarily in November 2001, with no official word on the reason for closing. [4] It never reopened at that location.


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