Mars Polaris

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Mars Polaris
Mars polaris by tangerine dream cd cover.jpg
Studio album by
Recorded1999, Eastgate Studios (Vienna) and Mariner Studios (California)
ProducerEdgar Froese
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Mars Polaris
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Mars Polaris — Deep Space Highway To Red Rocks Pavilion, is the sixty-seventh album by electronic group Tangerine Dream. It was originally released in 1999, and re-released in 2009.[1] All the tracks appeared on their live album Rocking Mars, which was released in 2005 with 4 extra tracks. It was recorded at Stadthalle in Osnabrück.[2]


According to Voices in the Net, in June 1999, Tangerine Dream performed a one-off concert during the Klangart Festival in Osnabrück, presenting their new album Mars Polaris — Deep Space Highway To Red Rocks Pavilion. The whole album was performed, though the track order was changed. The music performed is essentially identical to the studio versions, with some guitar and percussion work added. Some older tracks were included in the main set and the encores (which did not appear on Mars Polaris).

There is a version of the album that includes tracks from Great Wall of China. It is limited to only a few hundred copies. The master disc that included these tracks was mistaken for the Mars Polaris master, and was pressed shortly before Great Wall of China was released. The composite master was purposefully made, and was originally intended to be released to promote both albums.[3]

Track listing[edit]

1."Comet's Figure Head"Jerome Froese10:02
2."Rim of Schiaparelli"Edgar Froese6:15
3."Pilots of the Ether Belt"Jerome Froese10:15
4."Deep Space Cruiser"Edgar Froese4:42
5."Outland (The Colony)"Jerome Froese9:15
6."Spiral Star Date (Level ♇)" (♇ is the astronomical symbol for Pluto)Edgar Froese6:13
7."Mars Mission Counter"Edgar Froese5:45
8."Astrophobia"Jerome Froese9:57
9."Tharsis Maneuver"Edgar Froese4:31
10."Dies Martis (TransMercury)"Edgar Froese4:00



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