Mars Probes

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This article is about the science fiction anthology. For probes of the planet Mars, see Exploration of Mars.
Mars Probes
Author Edited by Peter Crowther
Country United States
Language English
Series Peter Crowther DAW anthologis
Genre Science fiction anthology
Publisher DAW Books
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 315 pp
Preceded by Moon Shots
Followed by Constellations

Mars Probes (2002) is a science fiction anthology of mostly all-new short stories edited by Peter Crowther, the third in his themed science fiction anthology series for DAW Books. The one story that is the exception to appearing here for the first time is a reprint of a Ray Bradbury story from 1968. The stories are all intended to be inspired by the theme of robotic probes on Mars. The book was published in 2002.

The book includes a three-page introduction by Crowther entitled, "The Fascination of Mars", fifteen short stories, and an eleven-page set of author biographies at the end.

The stories are as follows: