Marsha I. Lester

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Marsha Lester
Marsha Lester 2010 Ullyot Public Affairs Lecture.JPG
Marsha Lester 2010 at the Ullyot Public Affairs Lecture
Nationality United States
Fields Physical Chemist
Institutions University of Pennsylvania
Alma mater Rutgers University
Columbia University

Marsha I. Lester is an American physical chemist.


Marsha Lester earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1981.

Currently she works as a professor at University of Pennsylvania[1] from which she has received the Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Award in the Natural Sciences and is chair of the Department of Chemistry. Her research group at the University of Pennsylvania was behind the development of open shell complexes. She is also well known as the editor of the The Journal of Chemical Physics.[2]

Previously, Lester was the chair of the Division of Laser Science and worked for American Chemical Society and the American Physical Society. Later on, she was the chair of the DOE Council for Chemical and Biochemical Sciences.



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