Marshal Scotty's Playland Park

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Coordinates: 32°50′32″N 116°53′03″W / 32.842267°N 116.884072°W / 32.842267; -116.884072

Marshal Scotty's Playland Park
Slogan "You'll never want to leave!"
Location Lakeside, California, U.S.
Opened 1967
Closed 1998
Previous names Frasier's Frontier
Operating season Year round
Roller coasters 1
Water rides 1

Marshal Scotty's Playland Park is an abandoned theme park located in Lakeside, California, off of the Interstate 8 on Lake Jennings Park Road. The park itself contained multiple attractions, such as a railroad, a 20 ft (6.1 m) Ferris wheel, a water slide, a small roller coaster, and a Tilt-a-whirl ride.

The Park itself is privately owned and is now abandoned and fenced off. [1] The future of the rest of the park is unknown at present.[2]


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